7 Steps To Getting The Sleep Your Mind And Body Needs

Steps To Getting The Sleep Your Mind And Body Needs

5. Peace and Quiet

Noise, like light, can prevent a good night’s sleep. So take steps to ensure disrupting sounds around you are not there (use earplugs if you need to) or are muffled. A sound machine with white noise can help drown out the traffic or a noisy neighbor.

Sometimes the noise is outside and other times it is inside- of you. Yes, that mind of yours can be a powerful force to keep you awake at night or awaken you during the night. Try doing some deep breathing, visualize a peaceful place or listen to a relaxation induction to help calm that active mind.

6. Eat This, Not That

Don’t eat a heavy meal right before bed. And stay away from caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. This latter indulgence may help you fall asleep quicker but disrupts your sleep, causing you to wake up in the middle of the night.

Instead, try a nice cup of chamomile tea. What’s more, nuts or calcium (like milk or cheese) might also help you get better sleep.

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7. Ritualize

Establish a consistent wind-down ritual before going to sleep. This could be taking a warm bath or shower, dimming the lights and spending time with a loved one, or reading a book. When you consistently do the same thing each night before bed, your body learns “OK, I do this and then I sleep.” Think of this practice like the bell for Pavlov’s drooling dog.

One final tip: De-Stress. Stress can prevent you from getting the quality and quantity of sleep you need to be at the top of your game.

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Now, go have a great night’s sleep!

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