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As I step into the New Year..

I will do so loving, honoring and respecting what matters most to me. I am stepping forward with all that I have and all that I am. I ask for no permission. I am standing in a Brand New Door way. It behooves ‘us all to’ stand anew!

To love, honor and respect ourselves! Period! For no other reason than- it is our divine right to do so! We must first become One within and for ourselves before we can truly tune in with others healthfully. 2015 has taught me that I needed to stand up for myself. Into 2016 I will continue to love honor and respect my Life path. I am valuable and I am worthy to do well for myself. In this coming year I will continue my walk. Strong is the new intelligence – It doesn’t require much to become stronger than we were yesterday. It begins with a single step in the right direction that serves the greatest good in our lives. It is so easy to turn a deaf or blind eye to how important it is that “we” do our best ‘each and everyday’. Our children are watching.

Our youth are noticing. Our world will feel the impact of each individual who drops the ball on their own individual life. We must choose to live or die to our truth. This New Year is filled with endless possibilities that can lead us all into brighter more healthy lives. We must stand up for ourselves, we must decide to live greatly with each choice we make. No more continuing the same old song and dance that never changes.. its time for change.. this year is The Year of Change..

Step forward- be counted among the living.

By  Clover Leaping Heart

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