Steering Through The Complications of Sexual Alienation With Your Spouse

There are many things that are very much in our own hands but there are certain things that are not in our hands. But how we steer through various situations through which we may have to pass is very much in our own hands.

There are certain things that shall happen anyway in our life.

Certainly, it is quite appalling to divorce someone with whom you may have spent some of the golden years of your life.

But as we know, if anybody seeks a divorce, he should seek a divorce only prior to getting any kids born out of his wedlock so that children do not have to bear the brunt of any discord between him and his spouse.

If we have any children, it becomes our moral responsibility to ensure that we help them not only financially but in all possible ways to let them acquire such competence that they may not ever feel hurt in their life, instead of thinking only about ourselves.

So, let us see how smartly we may set an example of keeping our marriage aloft so that it did not end up in a divorce.

For instance, let us look – whether astrology may be of any help as a saviour.

If we looked at what astrology connotes – it is meant to give us a preview of what may or may not happen in our life.

Though it is true – astrology is just a runaway type of thing, if we compare it with what we call “science”.

In science, if something is “true” in one country, it is so everywhere else but it is not so in case of astrology.

But, at the same time, it can also not be denied that astrology amasses work of hundreds of thousands of people regarding the type of things that generally happen under different combinations (Yogas) of stars and planets in various houses (the 30° wide twelve segments of the sky into which the 360° belt within 10° North and 10° South of the equator of the celestial globe, has been divided) in the astrology in the life of people – depending on their Ascendant Sign (known as Rashi, in Vedic Astrology)

So, it is worth having a relook at it.

Having a relook at astrology 

The most sensible thing about astrology is the fact that it is fully cognizant of the ground reality that the complications that build up in our lives, generally do not depend on just one factor – there may be several factors at play.

So, it expects the astrologer to take into account the “counter-impact the planets occupying certain other houses may also have in life” – not the impact of the planets occupying just any one particular house to examine the “gross impact of all planets”, in conjugation.        

Particularly, the complications of multiple love affairs resulting in divorces seem to have rattled even the people who should have worked on the evolution of astrology, as far as thousands of years back.

So let us see – what astrology has in store for us in respect of marital harmony and disharmony.

Though it is true – we may not know what is implied by who is which lord of our ascendant sign, according to Bhrigu Nadi Astrology (Stellar Astrology) it forebodes that the fifth house (fifth house, downward from the eastern horizon), relates to love and our love may blossom even if the 7th lord of our ascendant is not in the 5th house. Our love shall blossom even if it may be in some other house.

So, should we not check such things before we tied the marital knot or exchanged our engagement-rings?

Certain other such things relevant to the matrimonial issues are:

  • When the planets do not signify divorce and the Ascendant is negative for marriage, a person remains married but he does not have any sexual relationship with his spouse.
  • A conjunction of Mars with Venus in the 7th House causes a tendency for extramarital life. Mostly such people divorce who get into multiple extramarital relationships simultaneously and are not loyal to their spouses. We can find out who may indulge in such extramarital relations and who may not indulge in such extramarital relations by examining the houses occupied by Mars, Venus and Moon in their Astrological Chart during any particular phase of their life. The fifth, eighth and the twelfth houses play a significant role in examining such incidences. So it would be better to check the planets that may be occupying these houses beforehand if you don’t want to get married to a person who may start cheating you after marriage.
  • Generally, an affliction called “Kuja Affliction (Dosha, in Hindi)” in a horoscope shortens married life and makes unhappy married life. Kuja Dosha is caused by the occupation of Mars in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 10th and 12th house from the Ascendant, though there are certain factors such as the aspect (influence) of Jupiter, which may cancel this affliction. If Mars is placed in the 7th House, it is generally considered as an affliction to married life (for both – men and women) except if it is placed as 5th lord in the 7th House. If it is placed as 5th lord in the 7th House, it results in love-marriage. For the women, Mars in the 8th House is not deemed to be good. However, there is no harm a person having Kuja Dosha marrying a person who may also have the same Dosha.

Mercury, in the 7th house, not only protects the marriage it even leads it into a peaceful and sweet running, irrespective of the Ascendant Sign. Mercury in this house gives a capacity to the spouse to create an atmosphere of understanding between husband and wife. Mercury (along with Sun) in the 11th house gives softness to the nature of the individual. Their conjunction is known as “Budh Aditya Yoga” in Vedic Astrology which usually, results in not only a love affair – sometimes, even in marriage between an aged person and a young one, with success. But the Mercury, Venus and Mars combination is considered bad in regard to marriage matters since, in many cases, this combination shows up into multiple extramarital relations.

  • The position of the node of the moon known as Ketu (in Vedic Astrology) plays a pivotal role. In the 5th house, it usually indicates an abortion; in the 7th house, it indicates a break in marriage or marriage proceedings and in the 10th house – it indicates a break in career.

This way, astrology provides us with a means to know ahead of our marriage – what sort of marital life is on the cards for us.

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