Stay Single Until You Meet Someone Like This (According To Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type)

 November 17, 2017

Stay Single Until You Meet Someone Like This (According To Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type)



Stay single until the person proves how important it is to be in a relation with them. Love someone who is loyal to you, is dedicated towards you. Be with someone who motivates you to be strong. You can learn from each other and in this process grow as strong individuals.



Stay with someone who isn’t mundane in his life, is adventurous and lively. Wait for someone who loves to spend time with you, yet gives you your own personal space. Be with someone who can help you overcome your vulnerabilities and your reserved nature.



Stay single until you find someone who is equally as competitive as you, someone who isn’t bogged down by your achievements. Be with the one who doesn’t take any offense when you lead somewhere, maybe in office, or at home. Be with someone who makes dating a learning experience.



You are in a good relationship when you love exploring the world together, the nooks and corners of life. Be with the one who trusts you, maintains complete honesty and considers you to be his/her everything. Date the one who isn’t trapped with you, who is helpful and sensitive. Be with someone who can help you come back to reality from your own enclosed world of pain.



Find someone who maintains consistency in a relationship. Find someone who maintains stability in a relationship, and doesn’t consider it as a mere fling. Be in a relationship where you make each other your strongest anchor in life.



An ideal partner is one who is sensitive towards you, both physically and emotionally. Be with the one who promises to be your lifelong support, loves you in your highs as well as your lows, your good performances as well as mistakes without forming intense estimations about you. The person who loves you takes you for who you are and however you are, he/she doesn’t consider you from their own points of view.



Be with the person who is fascinated by your nature, by who and how you are. Be with the one who is curious to know about you from deep within and not just from the surface. Stay single until you find the one who agrees to stay with you on a long-term, is understanding and one who doesn’t give it up easily.



Be with someone who loves you for what you are, is happy to see you shine. Be with the one who can understand you real quickly without harsh arguments. The one who supports your artistic nature is someone who is ideal for you. Moreover, he/she must be your greatest supporter. Don’t date anyone whom you find greedy or self-centered.

N.B –  Myers Briggs 

Myers Briggs Personality Types,

The phrase Myers Briggs is most often used to describe a personality theory developed by Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother Katherine Briggs. It explains some of the main differences between people and is often used to help choose a career, improve relationships, develop leadership skills, etc.

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