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How You Can Stay Calm In A Crisis

Stay Calm In Crisis

A few weeks ago I read a book about staying calm in a crisis. The author explained how important it is to deal with our inner life. Our emotions and thoughts. Which gives us the clarity to manage our outside world.

Disturbance happens in life. It may be global such as the Coronavirus that has hit us hard. With harsh economic and social effects. Or personal. With overwhelm, loss, or loneliness. Independent of the level, distress causes emotional turmoil. We cannot prevent every turbulence from happening. But we can learn to be still inside. To keep our mind in check. Find moments of serenity. And be able to deal with the outside world.

No matter if you are dealing with stress because of multiple tasks, or you are going through a major change such as a divorce or job loss.

Here are a few ways how to handle your inside. So you show up strong for your outer world.

1. Go out in nature

Nature has a calming and grounding effect. Go in a park or the woods to breathe in the fresh air. Inhale the energy and feel the recharge. Look at the lush green meadow, beautiful flowers, and majestic forest. Welcome the calmness. Hug a tree and receive some peaceful support. You can also ground yourself by laying down on the grass. Or take off your shoes and walk through it.

2. Meditate

Meditating is another marvelous way to relax. You can do a short meditation for a few breaths. Or a long one for a few minutes.

However long you practice, just focus on your breath. Feel how you inhale and exhale. How your body moves. When a thought comes into your mind, push it away gently. Don’t judge yourself. It takes experience to let go. You can also do a guided meditation. It is a wonderful way to get started or bring in some variation.

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3. Practice positive self-talk

We draw catastrophic pictures in our heads. Speculate about the worst future outcomes. It is easy getting lost in a downward spiral of negativity.

Here is an antidote to that. Speak to yourself as though you were talking to a friend. What would you tell someone else in the same position? What advice would you give him or her? What support would you offer? 

This will help to see your situation from a different perspective. The change of internal dialogue helps you to gain clarity. Before you know it you are back on an upward stream of positivity.

4. Focus on one thing at a time

We often focus on too many things at once. You obsess about the deadline at work. The meal needs to be prepared. The tax return is overdue. This creates overwhelming feelings inside you.

We cannot take action when confused. We do not know where to start. Or what to do. Which leads to more chaos. Therefore, it’s important to do only one step at once. 

You must write what is in your head. Prioritize and make a plan. Trying to solve it in your mind will keep you perplexed. Do one bit at a time. You might even divide them up into baby steps. And act on them. It will add up and help you resolve the situation.

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Now it is up to you

What will you do when you are in crisis? How will you handle your interior? So you can deal with the exterior. The things you can do are simple yet powerful. Go out in nature to reconnect and ground. Meditate to control your thoughts. And use positive self-talk for clarity. First, you manage your inner world. Then you will master the storm outside.

If you want to know more about how you can stay calm in a crisis, then check out this video out below:


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