Start Living Your Best Life: How to Choose a Good Life Coach

Figuring out how to choose the best mentor for everyday living is a challenge. Find out here how to find a life coach to help you start living your best life.

As a kid, did you feel like at one point you’d figure this whole life thing out? Then when you were in college you figured it’d be once you graduated, right?

But if you’re like most of us, you’re still waiting for that magic light bulb to click into place. We can’t say a life coach will give you all the secrets of life, but they can help you figure out one section you’re struggling in.

Want to find a life coach and get a little closer to the answers? Read below.

1. Identify Your Needs

A life coach isn’t a miracle worker. They can’t fix every aspect of your entire life. Nor can they read your mind and know what is causing you stress and pain in your life.

You have to do that work first before you find a life coach. Some life coaches will help you figure it out in your first session — but they can only help you in their area of expertise.

Sit down at some point for an hour with yourself and a journal. Tell yourself this is all you’re allowed to do, for one hour. If you meditate, do that first, to clear your mind.

Now as yourself, what are the three biggest pain points in my life? Maybe you can’t get your relationship with god figured out. Maybe it’s about putting others before yourself, always — whatever it is, write it down.

Then rank those pain points by importance. If you could solve or figure out just one of these three things, which would have the most impact on your life?

Now that you know what kind of life coach services you need, you can move forward.

2. Search a Database

There are plenty of sites that help you sort through life coaches. These coaches usually pay to be a part of them and there are certain qualifications to being able to apply.

Look at the site’s qualifications. Do they require the life coach to have some sort of certification? If so — which certification? Is it well-recognized?

Certifications will help you know that the coach puts their money where their mouth is. Accreditation usually takes a good amount of time and money to pursue, so it shows that they’re invested in their services.

Filter the database by the pain point you’re determined to work on. If it’s spirituality, you should search for coaches that have whatever form of spirituality you subscribe to in the profile. Some databases let you search via free text, while others have pre-determined categories.

3. Pay Attention to Your First Impression

If you found a life coach that interests you and you’re looking at their site/profile – how are you feeling? You should pick a life coach that you feel connected with.

A little nervous or having “buzzing” energy is normal. But you’re not going to choose someone who you get a bad vibe from. Read about me, read what they like to coach on, and pay attention to your inner cues.

Any good life coach will tell you that paying attention to your gut feelings matter.

4. Book a Session

Many life coaches will offer a free first session to talk to you about your goals and see if you’re a good fit. If they’re an online life coach, this may be a phone call.

You are certainly allowed to talk to more than one coach at first, but let them know you’re choosing from a pool. If you choose someone else, be kind and shoot them a quick message.

It doesn’t have to be overly detailed or apologetic, just let them know you went with another coach.

How to Find a Life Coach

The best life coach for you may not be the best life coach for your sister or your neighbor next door. They may not even be the first or second coach you talk to.

The key to find a life coach is to do your self-research and not give up until you find a match you’re happy with.

Feeling like calling a life coach is a little above where your energy is right now? Find out ways to make yourself want to keep going.

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