5 Tips To Start Dating After Heartbreak

If your husband suddenly up and left, are you free to pursue your passion for painting now? Put your attention on the door to creativity and fun that is opening up for you. And if you can find a Higher Power through regular spiritual practice.

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4. Find and enjoy the hidden benefits

What is freeing about your new situation? How are you better off as a person? Now that you are single again, can you go on a shopping spree without having to fight a battle over it?

What is going to be good about this situation? If you just broke up with a person who is very critical and demeaning, are you already starting to feel a little better about yourself? What is the silver lining, truly?


5. Work on new goals

Resilient people don’t dwell in the past, and constantly think about what was lost. They use the steps we just talked about to be forward-looking and choose new goals that bring a measure of hope and happiness.

If you are suddenly single, start poking around a few online dating sites. Take a chance and go out on a blind date with your neighbor’s friend. Set some new dating goals for yourself, even though it’s absolutely the last thing you want to do.

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Shifting your attention will get you out of your slump. Really.

Once you learn how to start dating again, looking for love after so long becomes worth it.

So, don’t quit before the miracle! You deserve lasting passionate love!

Written By Dr. Diana Kirschner
Originally Appeared On Your Tango


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5 Tips To Start Dating After Heartbreak

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