33 Starseed Symptoms due to Awakening & DNA Activation

33 Starseed Symptoms due to Awakening & DNA Activation

25. Ringing in the ears –

This can drive you to distraction, but these sounds are just you picking up frequency changes.

26. Heart palpitations –

As you clear old issues your heart opens. This opening is experienced as a racing heart. It only lasts a few seconds. No, you are not having a heart attack. The heart must also rebalance itself after an emotional release.

27. Vibrating of the physical body –

This is especially disconcerting. Many of you may think that you are being abducted since this usually happens at night and is a part of the process of being moved back and forth to and from the ships. In this case, it is not. It is simply the body adjusting to DNA upgrades that occur after emotional clearing.

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28. Muscle spasms –

These spasms can be intense and many are felt in the upper back. They are caused by emotional imbalances that occur when you take on the emotional burden of others in order to be accepted and loved. These will decrease as you learn new behaviors that support allowing others to feel their pain without rescuing them.

29. Tingling in arms, hands, and feet –

This is another Starseed symptoms where more DNA changes due to energy centers clearing and realigning.

30. Tiredness/Needing to sleep –

DNA changes. Your body needs rest to integrate the changes occurring at the cellular level. I recommend that you adjust your schedule to accommodate an afternoon nap.

How Much Sleep does Your Star Sign Need

Make it a priority. You will find that you are more productive afterward.

31. Faster hair/nail growth –

Since the activation of the Compassion hormone in November 1996, more protein is being used in the body. Protein is used by the high heart in the transmutation of lower chakra emotions into compassion. Compassion is the emotion that changes your DNA. A by-product of this is that your hair and nails grow faster.

32. Weight gain –

This occurs because many fears that have been held in check are coming up to be integrated. When this happens the inner child moves to protect itself by putting on armor. This armor will be released when the fear is integrated. As a result, many experience weight fluctuation.

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33. Frequent memory lapses –

This can be a real irritation. Understand that it is partially due to the magnetic grid wobbling and also to the shifting occurring in the brain.

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”This Fifth World that we are entering means that each person must use their gifts of birth to accomplish their missions in life, and this is the contribution that each one is obliged to offer. Everyone has a place on the Great Medicine Wheel of Truth.”

– Grandmother Twylah, Seneca-Oneida

starseed symptoms
33 Starseed Symptoms due to Awakening & DNA Activation
33 Starseed Symptoms due to Awakening & DNA Activation

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9 thoughts on “33 Starseed Symptoms due to Awakening & DNA Activation”

  1. I wish someone would get back to me about all this. I know I’m going through this but I have no idea how to go about it. In August I had a weird spiritual awakening happen where I went to lay down and my head started to vibrate along with my body, I was scared to close my eyes, I have never heard of any of this, and we’ll here I am, my 3rd eye is opening, I’m seeing auras and feeling sooo much energy. And the things I’m seeing, I’m sure I must be crazy. Help anyone. Zeniahnote4@gmail.com

    1. omg i was looking at a illuminati documentary adn i was in my bed and each time i tried to sleep and imgine my brain sleeping i would start shaking….. like alot. like i was “possesed”. idkw
      sumtimes i see the sky fall.

  2. I’ve had the majority of these symptoms here lately it’s the wanting to go “home”. Most music gets on my nerves now but trying to ease back into it. Been going through this for a year now, I’m sure I’m just in the midst of it not the end.

  3. I feel like I had an activation last year & I have been struggling with “anxiety” & “depression” ever since. It has been affecting every aspect of my life. I have two children & a husband that I adore. I want to be better for them. I want to do good & hone lighworker skills because I feel like I’m supposed to be helping people I just can’t seem to find the right path when I’m constantly fighting my low vibration. Please help me!

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