Stand Up friend

What do you stand for?

Where have you stood?

Where do you see yourself eventually standing?

Faith and morality the bases for all your stances in life, manners, ethics, chivalry and love. Stand with attention to details that set you apart.

Don’t stand for gain or profit before love and empathy.

Love will stand the test of time, may even find it at the taco, hot dog or taxi stand.

Stand tall enough to cast a shadow, Don’t let others stand in your light or in your way.

Proud to stand for your country, come back and mental health lays you down. Stand up in the morning when its hard to do so,shoulders back, and chest out stance, of confidence and determination to fight the PTSD of coming back home.

Some days time stands still in endless agony and loneliness; others can’t stand how fast their lives have passed them by.

Some stand in an empty bar, as empty as the pint and shot glasses in front of him, wallet now empty filling crippling voids that bring them to addiction.

One day the clouds will part and you will stand in the field, free from the dragon that you chase.

Stand up with pride and renewed value of yourself. If anyone treats you like less, toe to toe, you take a stand with out flinching.

Be proud and know your value you will always stand taller than those cutting you down.

If your actions and words consistently stand firm, and anyone treats you like less,toe to toe you should go with them to take a stand with out flinching.

Be proud and know your value you will always stand taller than those cutting you down

Poised, firm stance fort hose needing to lean on you till they can stand on their own. Climb up higher, stand on riser looking out at those in your life. How many can you trust to catch you as you fall.

Love those few real ones who stand for you, in times of need; not those who only want to lay with you when you are vulnerable.

Hey friend! Will you stand for me? Promise I’ll stand for you.

– By Shane Remasterd


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