The 6 Stages Of Resisting Change

Stage 5 – The Stage of Crisis

By this stage in the game, if you still resist change, the next wake-up call could become a pivotal turning point.

Oftentimes, a drastic wake-up call manifests as an unexpected crisis that forces us into action, and this could mean that we get fired from a difficult job or our partner suddenly leaves – or we could even experience a personal illness.

Once crisis forces us out of our comfort zone and we no longer have a say, we are beyond the point of no return. As a result, we are often stripped of the lies we’ve been living and we lose whatever we’ve been holding onto under pretense – specifically, any false sense of security or worth.

Not surprisingly, due to the “non-voluntary displacement” experienced in this stage, it’s common to experience chronic depression or hopelessness. However, just to be perfectly clear, none of this is due to punishment nor karma. Even though we might call it a crisis, it’s really a divine intervention where a loving Universe is conspiring for our wellbeing.

Embracing change during this stage often feels like we have no choice, but no matter how it might feel, it can be the beginning of a whole new life!

However, if we somehow still refuse to change, the next stop is Rock Bottom!

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To make changes during Stage Five:

  • Look at the bigger picture.
  • As you try to focus on the upside, do your best to let go of the downside.
  • Stop clinging to your comfort zone.
  • Make sure to get good emotional support from a friend or professional – and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Stage 6 – “Rock Bottom” Stage

Even though we might have been permanently “kicked out” of our comfort zone in the last stage, if we make it to this stage, we’re somehow still resisting change, and, if we continue to resist, we’ll inevitably discover that the quicksand in which we’re drowning might actually have a bottom – rock bottom!

During this stage, we’re either ejected from a familiar life or derailed from a presumed trajectory – and this could mean that we may lose everything.

Despite the fact that we may be desperate to regain a sense of security or status quo, we might waste time and energy ruminating about mistakes we’ve made or blaming others for our dismal fate, or, quite possibly, seesawing between the two!

Even though we might have spent years or decades trying to control every aspect of our lives, if we want a better future, we first have to let go of everything that doesn’t work. Not only do we have to let go of all the opportunities that never came to pass, but we also have to forgive ourselves for all the mistakes we’ve made, and in the process, we must purge self-pity, regret, guilt, and anger too.

Since we can no longer pretend to be who others want us to be, we must courageously peel away the false self, layer by layer, until we discover who we really are and what we really want.

As we take responsibility for our own fate and we’re able to make conscious choices that support our True Being, we are able to create the space for new opportunities to arrive.

Once there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, we may come to realize that the Universe had closed every door but the one leading to our deepest dreams and desires.

Never too Late!

Regardless of how it might seem, it’s never too late to take charge of your fate!

Believe it or not, you have the power to deal yourself with a brand new hand at any stage in the game. In fact, the quicker you wake up, figure out what you really want and give yourself permission to have it, the easier everything becomes!

Never settle for mediocrity or the mundane when you can live your dreams!

Copyright © Nanice Ellis, 2019.

Written By Nanice Ellis
Originally appeared on: Wake Up World

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The 6 Stages Of Resisting Change
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The 6 Stages Of Resisting Change
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