How To Survive All 5 Stages Of Marriage and Figure Out Which One You’re In

how to survive all stages of marriage and figure out which one you’re in

Discussions about your goals can also act as a starting point for you and your spouse to work from. It can break down the monumental task of repairing your marriage into bite-size pieces. Or it can give you the information needed to decide to part ways.

4. Both of you need to be willing to change.

Both partners in an unhappy marriage need to be willing to say, “Yes, you can save an unhappy marriage.” You both need to want to do the hard work necessary to repair the relationship. And make no mistake — it can be emotional, hard work. After all, it feels vulnerable to own up to your own faults and insecurities.

It can be difficult to put aside the past narrative and re-write a new one. Effort is necessary to change how you have always responded to one another. It may also be challenging to acknowledge an issue your partner raises if you don’t see it that way. But this is what it takes to change.

However, don’t wait for your spouse to start changing first. And don’t think you can change your spouse. You can’t convince your spouse to change or grow if he or she is perfectly happy living the life they are now. Or your spouse may not even realize your marriage is in trouble.

They may be focused on doing their own thing, unaware of the consequences, and feeling no need to change. You only have control over yourself — your own words, actions, perspective, and attitude. For example, where is your focus?

As you and your spouse spend more time with each other, often you begin to notice less of what you loved about them and more of what annoys you. Your focus shifts. The more you look at his or her negative actions (or view them as negative), the less likely you will be happy.

You have power and can change your focus at any time.

5. Don’t expect it to be easy.

If you decide to work through your marriage with your spouse, you may struggle to give each other support as you each work on your issues. Your spouse may lash out, be frustrated, or be angry as they take inventory of their faults, weaknesses, and contributions to the marriage.

You may, as well, as you own up to your own. It may be difficult to give each other space to process without adding to existing marital struggles. Agreeing to take intentional time away from each other may help.

6. You might not be able to move past some actions.

Studies say that 50 percent of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. However, don’t let that statistic decide whether you can save an unhappy marriage!

Some of these divorces are the result of a lack of effort to remain in love or repair the lost connect. However, some of these divorces make sense and are for the best.

Relationships involving violence or physical or emotional abuse, intolerable infidelity, unremitting addictive behavior, or irreconcilable incompatibility aren’t just unhappy marriages. They are marriages that cannot and should not be repaired. When your safety and security are compromised, parting ways is the best thing to do.

Want to know more about the stages of marriage? Check this video out below!

stages of marriage

In other instances, you will have to take time to reflect and discover what you can or cannot live with. What can you accept? Can you compromise on some things? What is a firm “No, I can’t live with that” for you?

Taking time, stepping back, and answering some hard truths will help you navigate this difficult time. And, hopefully, after some time, you will be able to learn how to fix a broken marriage and make it better.

Written by Jean Tschampa
Originally appeared in Yourtango
5 stages of marriage and how to effortlessly deal with each of these pin
5 Different Stages of Marriage And How To Effortlessly Survive Each Of Them
how to survive all stages of marriage and figure out which one you’re in pin
How To Survive All 5 Stages Of Marriage and Figure Out Which One You’re In
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