Spring Equinox and Full Moon in Libra



Full Moon Predictions for Capricorn:

This is quite a pleasant period for you, in most aspects of it. Money, in particular, maybe a little stressful, especially until the 26th of the month, but other than that, most things are happening the way you expect them or want them. After the 1st of April some stress may occur in your work, as well, but, in most cases, nothing too serious.

Money, despite the stress, receive beneficial influences, as well. Altering you are financial policies because of some difficulties can be a good way for this “paradox” to manifest. Regardless, changing your financial policies can be quite helpful, even if you are not facing any financial stress right now. Avoiding unnecessary expenses, too. Once again, though, other than that, most things are going nicely. Friendships and love life probably more so than the rest.

Full Moon Predictions for Aquarius:

Money can face some challenges during this period. The finances of your other half, or of a family member, too. Stubbornness and lack of flexibility will be your worse enemies, on this. Avoid them both and things will be much more pleasant. In fact, money receives some support, as well. Especially so after the 26th of March. Family and people you consider as such can also support you in these challenges, either directly, or by means of people they know.

Your most important bonds become even more important. This is a good period to nurture and strengthen relationships with your beloved ones and, especially, with those who you have neglected for some time now. Also, it’s a good period for searching for a new place of living.

Full Moon Predictions for Pisces:

Social life receives much support from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Expanding your social circle, deepening existing relationships and having a nice time with your friends are all possible. The ones you keep closer to your heart may occasionally stress you and annoy you, but even this can become a way to better your relationship with them, in the long term.

Also, this is a good period for searching and discovering yourself. Psychotherapy and the like can produce very good results and quite permanent ones. In the same time, if this is your job, you’ll, most likely, have a very good period. Other jobs also receive some support, but not as a strong one.

Astrology and Magic:

The Full Moon coincides with the Spring (or Autumn) Equinox gives this fortnight a great magical potency. Therefore, all magic is strong.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy this Full Moon and waning Moon period and have a blessed Equinox!

Predictions by Magical Recipes Online

Spring Equinox and Full Moon in Libra