Spring Equinox and Full Moon in Libra



Full Moon Predictions for Cancer:

This is a good period to take care of your social life. Ending unhealthy relationships is recommended. In fact, some of them may end even without your intention, but, if it happens this way, it can happen in a less pleasant way for you. Healing and strengthening healthy relationships is also supported. Also, expanding your social circle is possible and easier than usual. Maybe not too easy, but certainly easier. Whether these new people will be good ones for you, it’s a matter of wise choice on your part. All these affect your love life, as well, in a similar pattern.

Also, work seems to be mostly pleasant. Internet-based jobs and activities receive even better influences. Once again, the internet, other than professionally, it can help your social life and your love life.

Full Moon Predictions for Leo:

You are probably one of the luckiest zodiacs of this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Health, professional life, and love life, all receive support. Health receives only beneficial influences, so if you are facing some problems there, expect pleasant developments. A rare exception is a small tendency on accidents. Not strong enough, though, usually, unless the Moon stresses this aspect. Also, sexual health may need some more attention than usual.

Work and love, although receive mostly beneficial and supporting influences, they receive some stressful ones, as well. In most cases, these stressful influences will reveal, or help you realize, what’s wrong in these aspects of your life. Things you haven’t noticed, or haven’t given them a second thought, may now become rather obvious and pretty irritating.

Full Moon Predictions for Virgo:

Your stress levels need some care and attention. The Full Moon and the waning Moon period will make them rise quite a lot, at times. Relaxing your schedule and organizing it better, as well as finding enough time for yourself, your needs and to rest and relax can help you a lot.

Other than that, this period is quite pleasant for you. The effort is needed in order to make the best of this period, but little effort can produce great results. After the 28th, when your governor will be back into direct motion this influence will be even more obvious. Work in particular, as well as love life, receive even more blessings. Both of those fields will be affected by your stress, though, so managing it will make those aspects even better.

Full Moon Predictions for Libra:

Love and sex life receive strong influences, both beneficial and stressful ones. The beneficial ones are more and stronger than the stressful ones, though. Nonetheless, problematic relationships may end and there will be some difficulty for the singles to find a new love. A difficulty, true, but help too, so don’t give up. Quite the opposite in fact. Expanding your sexual horizons is also possible under the influences of this Full Moon and this waning Moon period.

Health also receives mostly beneficial influences. Emotional health, though, as well as your mood, in general, can be a little sensitive. Supporting yourself and nurturing your optimism and good mood even when you think you don’t need it can help you quite a lot. After the 26th, the beneficial influences on your health will become stronger.

Full Moon Predictions for Scorpio:

Love life receives much support. Especially for those in a relatively new relationship and for those searching for one. Those in a well-established relationship can face some challenges and stresses, but, if the relationship is, in fact, good and healthy, there is nothing to worry about. All this stress will only strengthen the bonds, at the end. After the 26th the beneficial influences are much more than the stressful ones, too, so just be patient for a little while.

Social life also receives some supportive influences. Both making existing relationships stronger and finding new friends is possible. Also, your friends can be quite supportive when you need them. Work receives some mild beneficial influences, but jobs, where much interaction with clients and colleagues takes place, will experience this influence more strongly.

Full Moon Predictions for Sagittarius:

Work and money matters receive much support from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Work won’t be stress-free and problem free, most likely, but the good points will overshadow the negative ones. Finding a new job, if you’ve been searching for one is possible, both while Mercury is still in retrograde motion and after then. If you are working and you want to change jobs, though, doing that after Mercury turns back into direct motion is much more advisable.

Health can be a little sensitive. Hay fever, fever, problems of the respiratory, high blood pressure and skin inflammations and decreases are the most possible ways this influence may affect you. If you are already dealing with such issues, they may act up a little. Therefore, do take proper care of your health. In the same time, though, finding different, or alternative cures for such problems is also possible.