11 Ways To Spot A Keeper From Player In One Date: Tips From An Expert Celebrity Profiler

11 Ways To Spot A Keeper From Player In One Date Tips From An Expert Celebrity Profiler

Q 6: When men want space…what does this really mean? And how should women ideally react to it?

You need to ask yourself first why you need to know why he needs space. Allow him the space to feel OK to tell you and he’ll tell you sooner. For many men, we need the space to think things through.

We forget that for you watching on, you may think it’s about you. A man can withdraw for many reasons. Probably more of them valid and nothing to do with you directly.

When you can read Facial Features you’ll understand how a person thinks and prefers to behave. Men with traits like Aesthetic appreciation feel and think internally as opposed to those who express outwardly. Innate Confidence levels will have a strong impact on whether a man will withdraw and need space.

What a woman should do depends on the reason for the need for space. Asking a man who has Aesthetic appreciation why he needs space will more than likely push him further away.

Those with close set eyes need to fix things themselves. With deep set eyes are more serious by nature and take the world on their shoulders.

And there are so many other traits that can make “needing space” their first reaction”.   Remember your need to know, is not his need to tell you. Remember, don’t poke the bear if the bear doesn’t need poking.

Never tell him “whatever it is can’t be that bad”. It will be taken as that “you know better than he does and he has no right to feel the way he does. With that he will withdraw further.

What you should be looking for “is he just withdrawing so he can think and work things out or has there been a shift in his emotional state”, which could allude to more serious issues. Look for change in his physiology; the way he carries himself. Look for changes in his expressions. His eyes will tell you if depression is present and if it is getting worse. His expressions when you’re talking to him will tell you about your relationship. If you see micro expressions of contempt, disgust or anger, if the problem wasn’t you before, it is rapidly becoming so.

Q 7: How can we tell if a man is interested in us?

If a man takes an interest in understanding you; how you like to be spoken to and treated, and most importantly he shows genuine interest in doing so, he is interested. The next question is “interested in what way”. Is it short term or ling term?

We should clarify that question first. Is he interested in you or interested in what he can get from you? Is he genuinely interested in you and what’s important to you? Or is he interested in what he can get? Does he pay attention to you and more than just in the moment. How does he talk to you?

Eye contact, body language, the questions he asks and how he responds to yours are important indicators. When he is talking to you, where are his feet facing? Feet always face where a person want to go. Look where they glance.

Q 8: What sort of facial expressions indicate if someone is lying?

It’s not so much which expression as it is the timing of the expression. A smile is a smile but when does it appear? In what situation. What was being said or happened at the time? Say for example someone is telling you they didn’t want someone to get fired from their job, and you see a brief smile. They are actually happy they were fired.

While you ask them to tell you did they do something they shouldn’t have and they look away as they answer, that’s a pretty good indicator, just as is someone who’s looking you straight in the eye and their eyes don’t move. They could be checking to see if you believe them or not.

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