Unmasking Phony Kindness: 5 Ways To Spot A Fake Nice Person


Ways Spot Fake Nice Person

Friends can make life so much better, right? But not all people are the right kind of friends, that’s why you need to know how to spot a fake nice person. People who are fake nice can be your worst enemies, all the while pretending to be your well-wishers.

Have you ever had friends who go out of their way to help you? Is unnecessarily sweet to you but you caught him/her back bitching about you to other people? All you wanted them was to be genuine and straightforward with you but you end up deceived by them.

Social media has blindfolded us to the point of us being unable to distinguish between a fake and a true friend. It’s time to spot your ‘frenemies’ and let them go. It’s not only a smart decision, but it is also good for your mental and emotional health.

Let’s find out the differences between a genuinely nice person and a fake nice person.

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5 Ways To Spot The Nice Ones From The Fake Ones

1) They will accept the “crazy” you.

Too loud in public or weird dance moves? We all possess some sort of traits that seem odd. But not to that person or people you call friend/s. They will love you, and never judge you or scorn your “weirdness”.

2) Despite their busy schedule, they’ll give you time.

Real friends do that. They will definitely give you a vital place in their life. They will make time for you, no matter what. They’ll join you for a drink or hang out for a while, even after that long tiring day. Not every day, though.

3) They always forgive and forget as well.

We are only humans. We make mistakes. A good friend will always forgive you and correct you if need be. A fake one will make sure to bring up your faults one way or the other.

4) They will stay in contact with you.

Long-distance friendships are as complicated as long-distance love relationships. A good friend will make sure to text you, call you, send silly snap chat pictures and skype with you once in a while.

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5) Accept your choices.

And never criticize you. If they are truly genuine, they will support your choices, your goals, and ambitions in life.

5 Ways To Spot A Fake Nice Person

Spotting A Fake Nice Person
Signs Of Fake Nice Person

1) They want to be prioritized.

Yes, these are the people who would want you to make them the most important people in your life. But they will never do the same.

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2) Gossiping is their favorite pastime.

This is one of the major signs of a fake nice person. They will eat your head talking nonsense about others. Back-bitching about them. Just think, don’t you feel they must be doing the same to you as well?

3) They are sarcastic for no reason.

They will make sure they get what they want from you. They will sometimes use sarcasm to insult you, whenever they don’t get their way or when you seem to take a stand for yourself and call them out on their nonsense.

4) They are competitive with you.

Everything for them is a competition. They condition themselves to think that they are the best, they are better than you, and will always make sure to get the best. Whether it’s a promotion, new clothes, academic scores, or basically anything.

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5) They will let you down, always.

No matter what the situation is, they will always find a way to disappoint you and let you down. Firstly they will make plans with you, make promises, and then will never live up to them.

When you will try to confront them about this and expect them to take accountability, they’ll attack and verbally abuse you.

Now you know. So, be careful of all the fake nice people out there. One fake nice person in your life can ruin it for good.

Want to know more about the signs of fake nice people? Check this video out below!

How to spot a fake nice person
Fake Nice People: People That Are Fake Nice
How to spot fake nice people Pin
Fake Nice Personalities: How To Spot Fake Nice People
Ways Spot Fake Nice Person pin
Unmasking Phony Kindness: 5 Ways To Spot A Fake Nice Person
Way Spot Fake Nice Person
Unmasking Phony Kindness: 5 Ways To Spot A Fake Nice Person

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