5 Ways To Spot Emotional Triggers and How To Deal With Them

2. Take a break.

Remove yourself from the situation. Walk away for five minutes and cool down. If you are speaking with someone, excuse yourself temporarily and say that you need to go to the bathroom or someplace else. Return when you are feeling more centered and calm.

3. Find the humor in the situation.

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I’m aware that practicing this suggestion is not always possible, but you’d be surprised how much laughter and amusement lighten your perception. When I say find the humor in the situation, I don’t mean laughing, belittling or mocking others (or yourself). Instead, I mean looking at the situation as a whole from a bird’s eye perspective and finding the comicality of it.

4. Ask yourself why you’re being triggered.

Our emotional triggers have a way of blinding us, so to counteract that, be inquisitive. Ask yourself, “Why am I feeling so sad/angry/anxious?” Understanding why you’re being triggered will help you to regain a sense of calmness, self-awareness, and control.

5. Don’t bypass your feelings, but don’t act them out either.

Repressing or trying to “control” your feelings isn’t the answer, however, you can delay your emotions. For instance, if you’re feeling enraged by someone, instead of exploding at them, consciously set those feelings aside to experience and unleash later in a healthy way. You might choose to express this anger by screaming in your room or doing an intense anger-fuelled workout. Whatever the case, be very careful about repressing your emotions. There is a fine line between consciously delaying your emotions and unconsciously suppressing them – this is why it’s so important to practice the self-awareness tips I’ve mentioned in this article.

I hope that thanks to reading this article you’ll now be inspired to consciously explore your emotional triggers and prevent them from sabotaging your life.

Written by Mateo Sol
Originally appeared on LonerWolf

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5 Ways To Spot Emotional Triggers and How To Deal With Them 5 Ways To Spot Emotional Triggers and How To Deal With Them

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