Interpretation of Spirituality Over Religiosity

Interpretation of Spirituality Over Religiosity

Interpretation of Spirituality over Religiosity.

Life is known to be not a bed of roses. We have known that for far too long to suffice to a disagreement owing to that. Life when terminologically dealt with raptures onto philanthropic,  philosopher worries of it either being a riddle, a puzzle or even called a roller coaster ride. Therefore life is already far too less augmented to call it smoothly functional but a distortion of compiled complication plays an emphasized role whenever life is taken into consideration of argumentive statements.

However, with that embryonic multimillion swing and battle, there’s a final fission-fusion of a very high protein egg finally taking the formation of life. The fertilization occurs in the womb for nine months just by the force and charge process of reproduction through sexual intercourse. However what’s stunning is the human body, it is bewildering with its power to reproduce. But in all these life processes, formation what comes to notice is that the mystery that who was that firstborn person or how human being or how homo sapiens as a species came into being.

Scientists and spiritual texts have all swayed from each other with perspectives about the matter. However, the mystery has given birth to way too many stories, ideas, and conceptions. One of the broad and oldest of such a theory is none but religion.

Religion is a belief or faith of the collective in a supreme power having a form or formless but given the utmost importance of having to have the power to control the universe.

The universe with all the calamities and miracles have further branched the power to be both a creator and a destroyer.

However, over the ancient years came in various civilizations of which Mesopotamian is the oldest of all by the scriptures of ancient history. Each proceeded with another with Indus Valley, Ancient Egyptian, Mayan, Chinese, Greek, Persian, Roman, Aztecs, Incas civilizations eventually came into being.  Each of these civilizations has had their discoveries, theories, religions, and beliefs causing a vast and wide range of visionary based on the idea of religion. One of the civilizations has given birth to another with creative modifications based on development noticed over the passage of an era.

However, each one of them has also given birth to various forms of supreme power.

In some religions such as Hinduism, there are wide varieties of superpower and Gods who are worshipped. Each God is vested with different power of importance. On the contrary, Christianity focuses on belief in one supreme power of God. Whereas Islam focuses on the worship of the formless or some other kind of form of natural formation is worshipped. This has not only created confusion but also caused in rifts over the course of years.

We have come across prophets and messiahs and even they terminologically varied with a multiverse of idealism upturning their agenda of ultimately bringing global peace.

The religions with textbooks, with rituals, rules have created cultural unity, succeeded to bring peace but also got in competitions between religions and cultures. The worse go when one of the religious belief or ritual contradicts with that of other religion. This has caused further barriers between people. On top that with so many countries,  cultures,  history when religions vary, it plays the most pivotal role in shunning the spirit of unity. The religions when at one point have given birth to literary scholars, dimensions of discoveries,  invited more peace also caused contradictions, rifts, fright fights and caused disharmony.  Religion has also been the reason for violence.

Religion although terminologically a way too modern concept which came into a process in the 1500s. The ancient texts of Quran or Bible do not in any way focus on the concept of religion or culture. But it was the modification of modernization which caused the growth of terms such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism much later in 19th century.

Religions have been a new source of cultural upliftment giving each culture its own uniqueness and making the individual prominence of each religion more vivid and visible. Religions have also been the source of introduction to variation in the literary productions of each culture,  music, history, society and even formed the backbone of the polity of each culture in some way. The religious ceremonies,  rituals over the course of years have not only given birth to various scholars, artists, and mathematicians but with the conception of religiosity more professions came into practice. However, the segments of religion took under consideration of various wrong interpretation such as the caste system. It not only caused rift but brought in perplexion within the very religion. There were branches of one religion as well which caused a manifested manipulation causing extreme misalignment.

The groups forming out further came into rifts with one another. This caused major reflux in the idea of religion. The modernization,  the improvisations, the death of ignorance slowly watched religion to die out in it’s the power of control. As a matter of fact, the most pivotal part of religion, the root of religion, spirituality noticed a fading crunch back bringing more faith in scientifically inferred analyzed theories.

Spirituality forms the foundation of the very concept of religion. Spirituality does not emphasize on faith in a particular supreme power but focuses on our inner consciousness and heart space power.

Spirituality has noticed a considerable backdropped relevance with the idea of religion swiping in. Spirituality is the way of being. Spirituality is but the process of life. The texts of religions from Veda to Upanishads to Bible to Quran all talk about the various ways of being, the reformation of the human incarnation over the passage of years. Spirituality, in other words, can be referred to the decoding of purpose of the human body to actively survive, produce and improve the universal condition in their specifically orchestrated way of being . The way of being varies from culture to culture and the individual spiritual texts of each culture have well satisfied to improve the understanding of life process better on an emotional and philosophical level. However compilation, modulation came in with modernisation .Such was born religion out of a tribute to the spiritual understanding and to form a more confined theorem of the universal laws and broad understanding. However this caused a major failure I believe as the faith in the rituals , understanding of life , understanding of the psychology,  the repetitive patterns as shown in the religious texts were more generalised and ignorance came into being as subjecting godliness to ultimatum and thus blind followers also came into being. The patterns of meditation,  the science behind rituals, the deeper knowledge of the texts were unnoticed and a more colloquial verse propelled in , in terms of religiosity. What strikes me and scare me is the faded understanding of main focus of religion which are love , peace and faith.

Spirituality is one but religion is a hundred. Religion is faith in the power of external supreme source to bring changes and miracles but spirituality is our faith , action to makes the changes happen and improve the universal condition with gratitude of being.

Religion is an attempt of awakening where as spirituality is the journey.

Religion is guided but spirituality in living by the virtue of conscious understanding and being.

Religion is already prescribed with rules , principles,  rituals which cannot be altered along with superstition,  fear and punishable outrages .Spirituality is your power to bring changes with questions,  modification,  discoveries over already founded ideas with allowance of creation of our own reality.

Religions have been known to threat , bring in terror and cause various rifts and ups and downs. Where spirituality has always focussed of inner peace and light.Religion takes sin under consideration but spirituality focuses on what is than what is done for what could be.Religion represses individual human power and makes it more redirected by the control of it. Whereas spirituality emphasises on discovery of who you truly are and your purpose of being.Religion is taught and passes on from a generation to another whereas spirituality streams up from faith understanding,  belief from learning through life process and experiences.

This has a term synthetic apriori  well versed with it. It refers to learning from.plethora of life experiences. Thus spirituality flood from the conception and idea of what life is. Spirituality is the infinite consciousness and belief in the divine whereas whereas religion is a collective belief. Religion is already an invention and spirituality is the process of discovery.

Spirituality is the food of self understanding and causing the growth of who you are with what is and it’s to be.

When I have grown up seeing conflicts between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. When I grew up to intolerance towards food habits. When I grew up to seeing further sects of a religion and internal conflicts between them , I began to fear and shiver whenever it came to division of humanity in terms of religion.

Besides that I have also been further shaken by internal tribal rivalries,  ancient practices and fearful social obligations. I have known of stories how ancient practices involved burning of the widow in the same pyre as that of her dead way too old husband. Child marriage was another social used to obligation of the ritualistic endeavors. The tribal breakdown further had various other totemic religions,  taboos and even heinous practices as punishment. I was somewhere shaken by the rituals and religious interpretation of the literary teachings , scripts or tales. The enchanting beauty of understanding life and sketching them through learning from wide analytical learning was shrinking by the odd and evil power of commercialised religious propagation.

 When I came into journey of spirituality .It feels ineffably beautiful how I had the ears of those who have eyes and ears to see and hear come closer to my ultimate reality and how each one of these connections have been there all throughout my journey. They have been epics of the multiverses. They have been shades of various parallel could be realities. They are your and mine spiritual family and I never before had thought there are fragments of even deeper connection in the process of growing up. I was valindalating the social complexes while trying to understand

the real or virtual they had rusted to. While in these very many understanding of who we are and who we were becoming we sorted to be who we really wanted to be through a clearer vision to spirituality. Thus we are much more honest in the virtual reality which baffled our illusionary creativity more but we have love as our religion. So maybe we’re more close to being who we are .Therefore this reality is the transparent reality and the mass reactionary interpretation of religion has made it the way to affirm , practice and pray. But coming nearer to spirituality also made me a discoverer and thus I had to empty my old beliefs in much contradiction under way too many could bes and are.

-Chirasree Bandyopadhyay


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