Spirituality Isn’t An Escape From Reality

Spirituality Escape From Reality

Spirituality Isn’t An Escape From Reality

There is something I must address. There are many who are using spirituality as an escape from the real world. The truth of the matter is one cannot be spiritual if they don’t take ALL aspects of life seriously, whether it be the spiritual life or physical life. You shouldn’t be trying to escape reality or escape any truth. A truly spiritual person can stand tall and remain unshaken in storms and truths that they don’t feel comfortable in.

Why use spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, etc. when you will go back to the reality that you aren’t OK with. By trying to distract yourself from reality and denying it, you are basically saying to The Universe, “ I don’t want to be alive!”. Yeah! I said it and you may not like that but it needs to be said.

Denying your reality is telling the universe you don’t value the life you were given. If there is something in your reality that you don’t like to do whatever you can to change it and if it can’t be changed just accept it. Even if you can’t change it don’t try to escape it. You’ll cause yourself nothing but stress, anxiety, and eventually, you’ll become depressed. You can do as many psychedelics, meditations, and visualizations you want but at the end of the day, you’ll awaken to your reality.

Being spiritual doesn’t always mean being positive so don’t try to escape everything in your reality that is negative. Sometimes The Universe and the divine put negativity in front of us in order to test our strength.

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