The Spiritual Significance of Hoods

There are certain animals considered highly powerful in symbolizing spiritual powers. The five most popular ones are:

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wolves: symbolize intuition, instincts, intelligence and freedom

owls: symbolize wisdom, intuition, higher powers and all-seeing eye

bears: symbolize strength and self-confidence, leadership, healing powers and solitude

hawks: symbolize spirit world,  high focus and attention for detail, clear vision, self-sufficiency

foxes: symbolize increased awareness, physical and mental strength, ability to survive.

Originally appeared on ISoulScience
By L.J. Vanier

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L.J. Vanier
Hi! I am LJ Vanier and I am the creator of Soul Science Awakening You! I am deeply involved in spiritual practice and have experienced the paranormal since I was a young child. I am a indy author and am currently working on my next project Ether, set to be released in June 2015.
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