Spiritual Habits In Daily Life

Spiritual Habits In Daily Life

If we wish, we can walk up the stairs, instead of taking the elevator, it takes a couple of minutes longer, but the body will never become flabby. Moreover, you can meet local smokers and talk to them about healthy lifestyles.

Also, getting together in the evening with the whole family, in order to usefully spend time, you can make it interesting for everyone. Some of the children are interested in English, read God’s Word in English, and translate it. Some of the children so far do not perceive anything except fairy tales, find fundamental fairy tales or books on fairy tale therapy on the Internet and study them with the children. Someone likes to draw, buy a children’s Bible with pictures for coloring, read the story, and then paint the pictures with the child.

Also on the subway, you can write a diary and analyze your life. When brushing your teeth, you can stand up on your toes and train your ankle, saving yourself from dislocated foot forever. When you are on the phone or reading a book instead of sitting or lying down, you can walk around the room and meet your daily step goals (which should be at least 10,000).

God has endowed us with creativity, and we can use it to find loopholes in our daily life, and in a terribly busy schedule, to connect with the spiritual and divine, although sometimes we need to sit down and clear all our priorities.


“There is only one problem – the only one in the world – to return to people spiritual content, spiritual concerns …”Antoine de Saint-Exupery

“In order for one person to want to help another, he must mature spiritually. A very wise man once said to me: the property of a person is to take, the property of God is to give. But the higher a person is in his spiritual development, the closer he is to God, the less he takes and the more he gives. If a person is tuned in only to how he should take, he naturally will not think about others who need your help or who need your presence. And the higher a person is in his spiritual development, the more he wants to help others. “Boris Grebenshchikov

“In this dark world, consider only spiritual wealth as true, for it will never be depreciated.”Omar Khayyam

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