Spiritual Habits In Daily Life

Spiritual Habits In Daily Life

Spiritual Habits In Daily Life

In order to lead a successful, fulfilling, and interesting life, everyone needs the confidence and calmness that comes from gaining a connection with God.

However, in the modern world, we are so busy that sometimes it is difficult to take time to even just think about what we live for and in which direction we are moving, not to mention taking several hours a day to build a deep and sincere relationship with God. Therefore, most often we are vaguely aware that we need to develop, we need to pray, we need to discipline ourselves, we need to study God’s Word, but at the same time, most of the time, everyday affairs and responsibilities leave us little time for this.

As a result, the vague feeling that you need to search for meaning in your life and understand higher matters, on the one hand, and the lack of time for this, on the other hand, generates, in addition to everything, a latent feeling of guilt. We do not do something important, we reproach ourselves for it and still do nothing. Such inner anxiety further deprives us of strength and self-confidence.

To get rid of feelings of guilt and duality, we can either radically change something in life, or put up with everything and let it go “on the brakes”, or be creative and build a few spiritual habits directly into our daily life.

It is easiest to release everything “on the brakes” and go with the flow, but in this case, one cannot count on any interesting result. To radically change everything in your life, you need to have great willpower and courage to go against the prevailing stereotypes. But in order to build spiritual habits into your daily life, you need to show only a little creativity.

Sometimes getting yourself out of bed 30 minutes early to pray, meditate, or read God’s Word is very difficult. However, you can always buy a good player and headphones, upload a Bible, Divine Principle, or any other scripture there and listen to it while you cook breakfast, wash dishes, wash your face, or exercise. To increase the efficiency of this process, it is good to have a notebook for yourself, keep it somewhere at hand and write down the quotes you like. It doesn’t take much extra time, but it fills life with spirituality.

We commute to and from work every day. It takes me 15 minutes by the metro one way. I carry with me an educational book on the topic that interests me, and I read it for 15 minutes while driving one way and 15 minutes while driving in the other direction. Thus, within a month, I read a new book and learn something new. After reading, you just need to allocate half an hour of time to flip through the book and write out all the main ideas you like and turn some of them into practical action.

Also, after the metro, I need to go literally another 5 minutes by ground transport, three stops to the office. However, instead, I walk this distance in 12 minutes. I walk very quickly while fulfilling several goals at once: intensive walking (exercise), praying on the way (Spiritual Journey), scrolling through my head plans and affairs for the day (efficiency), breathing fresh air (health), learning not to depend on circumstances (I go in any weather).

We need to discipline ourselves and one good way to do this is with a cold shower. It is difficult, but also beneficial for willpower and health. Finding time for a cold shower every day is often unrealistic, but everyone can do a contrast shower every time we go to wash. Let it only be twice a week, but it will still have an effect. We washed, then took a hot shower, and before leaving the bath, poured cold water over ourselves. After such a procedure, vigor appears throughout the body.

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