What Is Spiritual Awakening? 23 Major Signs and Symptoms

What Is Spiritual Awakening? 23 Major Signs and Symptoms

12. You want to quit your job

Even though you worked for years getting your degree, establishing your career, and climbing the ranks, you feel nothing but emptiness. Your job no longer provides you with the sense of fulfillment that you need. You desperately crave for more.

13. You thirst for authenticity and truth

Being true to yourself becomes a top priority. You hate faking and putting on the old masks that you used to wear. You want to be completely authentic. Pretense makes you feel sick and disgusted.

14. You become aware of your old negative habits

You are painfully aware of your flaws and destructive habits. Within you arises a strong urge to wipe the slate clean and start over.

15. You experience anxiety and/or depression

You may go through deep bouts of existential depression or persistent anxiety. The shock of plunging into your awakening leaves you feeling unstable. You may be misdiagnosed with a mental illness. Uncertainty and fear follow you around everywhere.

16. You become more sensitive

Everything impacts you more. You feel the energy of others more strongly, the pain of your loved ones more intensely, and the difficulties in life deeper than ever before. At the same time, you feel a gloriously enhanced connection with animals and nature. You start feeling more at home within the natural world (rather than the manmade world).

17. You want to make the world a better place

When all is said and done, you want to leave the world a better place. You start thinking ‘big picture.’ This longing to make a real impact translates to actively helping others or finding a life purpose that aligns with this desire.

18. You deeply want to understand who you are

Endless questions arise about your identity and your life, for example, “Who am I?” “Why was I born?” “What am I here to do?” “What is the purpose of my existence?” As a result, you begin reading many self-help books and spiritual texts. No wonder you ended up here. 🙂

19. Your intuition is heightened

What Is Spiritual Awakening? 23 Major Signs and Symptoms

Gradually you begin to listen to the still, small voice within. You allow it to guide your decisions and you may receive secret messages from your unconscious mind. You may even come in contact with your spirit guidesspirit animal, or other spiritual helpers. Eventually, you start to uncover your hidden spiritual gifts and talents thanks to learning how to trust your intuition.

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20. More synchronicity

You start becoming conscious of the many signs and omens that life brings to you. Life becomes much more receptive and interactive with you. Serendipity and déjà vu increase. You may even undergo numerous mystical experiences.

21. You feel more wonder and curiosity

The smallest things start to bring you joy and bliss: a falling leaf, a spider’s web, a child’s laughter, a puddle. Life is no longer ignored – it is seen as magical, amazing, and beautiful.

22. You start to love unconditionally

As the barriers of the ego break down, you begin to love other people without expectations or conditions (this includes self-love). You lose interest in drama, conflict, and anything that perpetuates hatred.

23. You see that we are all One

Not only do you intellectually understand that we are all interconnected, but you feel it deep within your bones. You realize that our thoughts and beliefs influence reality, and that we are all fragments of one great Whole – that is, Spirit. Having fully experienced that we are this Oneness, you find peace at last. Sometimes this stage can take years or even an entire lifetime.

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