Spirit Messages From Feather: What The Feathers You Find Mean?

Spirit Messages Feathers You Find Mean

Blue – Associated with the throat chakra and signifying the importance of communication and allowing the truth to be known, blue also speaks of psychic powers. If you see blue feather, it means it’s time to nurture your psychic abilities. They’re starting to grow within you.

Yellow – Part of the solar plexus chakra connected to your instincts, yellow is the color of intellect, happiness, and the power of the sun. Yellow feathers signify that you have a direction and determination. This feather indicates that all your efforts and focus are leading you down the right path.

Green –Linked to the heart chakra which speaks of all things connected to emotions and relationships, it is also the color associated with nature and fertility.

Orange – The color of the sacral chakra, it is associated with sexual activities, an optimistic worldview, and great ambitions and goals.

Pink – Romantic thoughts as well as friendship and compassionate ideals are signified by pink.

Grey – Symbolizes peacefulness and neutrality in times of chaos, grey is also connected with genuineness and truth. If you see a grey feather it means peace is starting to drift into your life after a long storm.

Purple – Part of the crown chakra that connects us to the universe and the spiritual realm, purple is the color of spirituality and growth.

Brown – A compliment to nature, it is a stable, grounded color signifying enduring friendships and a sense of home. If you see a brown feather, it means life will soon start to bloom for you, allowing an abundance of good things to flow.

Black – Both a color of protection, as well as a sign that caution is required, black, also symbolizes mystic wisdom and heightened spirituality. It also means that your spirit is starting to awaken from a deep sleep. You will feel a new meaning to life.

White – purification, spirituality, hope, trust, faith, protection, peace, Heaven, angels, and also act as blessings and wisdom connected with the moon. A white feather signifies that you are not alone even if you feel lonely. There is someone watching over you.

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The meaning of multiple feather shades and messages

Black and white – Opposites coming together and guardians watching over you. The winds of change are blowing your way.
Black with purple – Spiritualism and all things mystic and powerful.
Black, white and blue – Life is on the verge of a great transformation.
Brown and black striped – Balancing the physical world and the spiritual realm.
Brown and white – A sense of joy and protection from psychic attacks.
Red and green – The promise of financial help and good fortune
Grey and white – Steadfastness and hope.

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These are some of the spirit messages from feathers you should pay attention to.

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Spirit Messages From Feathers What The Feathers You See Are Trying To Tell You
Spirit Messages Feathers You Find Mean pin
Spirit Messages From Feather: What The Feathers You Find Mean?

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