The Spiral of Life: Why We Keep Coming Back to the Same Lessons Over and Over

Spiral of Life Keep Coming Back Same Lessons

Spirals can be found in scores of ancient Celtic artefacts. In spirituality, the spiral is a symbol of the path that takes us from the outer consciousness to the inner soul. It is the evolution of our consciousness from external awareness and ego to enlightenment and cosmic awareness. The flow between the outer manifested world and the inner intuitive world is marked by the winding spiral rings. This portrays our evolution on a collective and individual level. According to mystics, when it comes to rebirth the spiral of life exemplifies the consciousness of nature and is believed to be the way everything works as it starts from the center and expands outwards. 

In ancient Celtic art, both single spiral and triple spiral (Triskelion) can be found.

1. Single Spiral

This clockwise spiral is believed to be a representation of the birth, growth, expansion of consciousness and cosmic energy. Whereas, the anticlockwise spiral is a symbol of the sun. Ancient cultures believed that both spiritual and physical energy flowed in nature in a spiral way. The spiral is a symbol of both feminine and masculine energies.

2. Triple Spiral

The triple spiral or Triskelion is believed to be created by the ancient Celts and it represents their 3 worlds – the spiritual world, the celestial world and the present world. According to the Celts, all activities in life & death occurred in 3 different stages which are crucial for keeping nature’s balance. It is also believed that the 3 spirals represents the mind, body and soul; the past, present and future; creation, preservation and destruction; and mother, father and child. It is the symbol of actions, evolution, progress, cycles and completion. 

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Coming back to the same lessons

“The growth of understanding follows an ascending spiral rather than a straight line.”- Marion Milner

Do you find yourself coming back to the same lessons and themes over and over again? Well, it means that you are an evolving soul. However, it can be rather frustrating revisit certain things repeatedly, especially when you are focused on the process of your self-awareness. But when you realize that your journey towards awakening and enlightenment is not a race, you will become more open to coming back to old lessons of life that heal your soul and helps you understand the deeper meanings of life. Although, your ego may consider this as a setback to achieving your goal of awakening.

spiral of life

The fact is we evolve and grow not only in this life but also in what lies beyond it. When we are focused on accomplishing a particular goal in our life, then our vision and spiritual experience become highly restricted. Hence, we need to be open to our growth. The direction of the spiral of life reminds us that despite how much we grow and expand, we can never go too far from our core or center. It also tells that in our spiritual journey, we can only go upwards. At times, we may be compelled to go backwards or regress, but eventually, we will move in an upward direction in life, even if it may not seem so initially.

So when we come across a similar lesson which we might have experienced earlier in our life path, we need to remember that right now we are at a higher point in the spiral than where we were when we first experienced this lesson. This gives us a better perspective at the lesson and a vantage point from where we can better observe the situation and gain a greater level of experience.

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You are the core of the spiral

“Spiral minds are harder to twist.” – Kris Saknussemm

Who do you spend most of your time with? Is it your significant other? Your family? Your friend? Coworkers? Regardless of what you answer, you’re wrong. Because you spend most of your time with yourself. No one can influence or impact you as much as you can. The quality of the relationship you enjoy with own yourself will dictate every other relationship you have in life.

spiraling up

Most of the time, we show compassion and kindness to others while we shame and judge ourselves for even the smallest mistakes. However, as we start criticizing ourselves we develop a negative mindset and we begin to judge others and view them in the same manner as we view ourselves. And this criticism often comes at people we love and care about the most.

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