40 thoughts on “Spend time with yourself or others?”

  1. While I enjoy alone time for meditation, which is a necessary component of a good psyche; I will mostly like to be with others, for comradery, compassion, and shared laughs and love! I love to make people laugh or smile, including and especially people I dont know personally while in public! One never knows when one will make the huge difference in another’s life! This is my part in increasing the world conscience! “Send Your Love” -Sting is one of my favorite songs. We can all make a difference in the lives of those we contact every day, in fact that is the ONLY DIFFERENCE we can truly make in this lifetime! Blessed Be!

  2. If other one is most lovable than my self ,then I would like to spend not my time but I would like to devote whole life with him!!! Bit if not possible to get him then there is no choice at all.it is to better spend time with myself only!!!! Isn’t it !!! But now God has sent someone in my life.so there is no issue !!!

  3. I prefer to spend time together for good activity,good karma good creation and always enjoying to spend time for humanity…because m not spending time…M investing in time.

    1. Sorry to hear you feel that way! If i were there and made a plan, i would not cancel on you. Take Heart. Try again. Maybe ask her what she would like to do, then meet up and do it! Next time can be your choice.

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