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Speak like an Orator: How to Impress People with Your Speech

The don’ts of rhetoric

Besides all those things that you should do if you want to master communication and impress people with your speech, there are also some things that you need to avoid. Take a look at some of the most important don’ts in this regard:

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    Don’t interrupt: This is one of the biggest sins you can do. By interrupting, you offend people and eliminate the possibility to reach consensus.

  • Don’t text while someone is speaking: If you write an SMS message in the middle of the conversation, it will prove that you neglect people and don’t care about their opinions.

  • Don’t gossip: Gossiping is one of the things you should avoid at work or among your acquaintances because it undermines your credibility.

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    Don’t act as if you know it all: Nobody’s perfect and you should never pretend to know everything. Listen to what other people want to say with due respect, don’t show off.

  • Don’t address only one person: If you talk to the group of people, don’t just look at one of them constantly. Pay attention to all members of the group and establish eye contact with everybody.

  • Don’t talk about tricky business: Avoid politics, gender issues, or questions about personal finances. Save these topics for your closest friends but don’t talk about it with your colleagues or acquaintances if not necessary.


Individuals who develop strong communication skills usually build successful careers and overcome everyday obstacles easily. If you want to follow their example, learn our suggestions and try to put them into practice. It takes some time to accept them all but it will definitely pay off soon. Let us know what you think about it in comments and share with us if you face a situation in which those skills prove to be helpful.

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