Spare Some Kindness

Spare Some Kindness 

Spare Some Kindness


Could a hero need a hero

In their moment of despair

Are we capable of showing

Compassion and a due care

An act of kindness can be shared

Enriching more than those who bare

Giving currency to love

Is how our faith and hope repair

You see when injustice is law

Resistance is a duty fair

Tolerance of fear brings hate

Suffering all afraid to spare.

Facepoet by Michael Hodder


Currency investment is often strictly limited to financial markets by limited conditioned mindsets. It’s ok to only be aware of this now, congratulate yourself for stepping into a personal development growth zone instead of feeding the fears and perceptions of others.

Welcome to the conscious and conscionable realities which await your affirming intentions.

Once we acknowledge ourselves as imperatives to these markets and economies we discover ourselves as the true source of such resources and there resourcefulness.

“They be to become and become to be”, as do we, quoted from the first chapter (The Three Currencies) of “Take What You Need”. You, we, I, them, they, us are all sources of an infinite universal energy.

Corruption, cancers/viruses or Sin may appear to us in many forms disguised as signals that we may not be aligned with the higher frequency of our free wills. Are we ready to explore what govern meant to us as a collective of individual creators of creation? Or are we enslaved by an enslaved mindset?

If sharing is caring and it really is the thought that counts, what are you hoarding, withholding or otherwise denying yourself or others from becoming? Why?

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