These tear stained imprints
scarred on each of my cheeks.
Are proof of the pain and
hurt you left inside of me.
They are the only souvenirs I have left,
needlessly to say.
A shitty consultation prize that
I still can’t wipe away.
The only reminder of surviving your hell,
until your final days.
I was just another casualty
to your never ending waged war.
You are just another tragedy
of a memory that
I can’t bare anymore.

– Gypsy Nikki


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I’m a perfectly imperfect woman. I question everything, EVERYTHING! I’ve always been to much. I’m to emotional, I’m to intense, I’m to much on most days. I’m so damn empathetic that it drives me nuts on most days! What can I say... I’m a Scorpio and like most water signs my emotions run deep and my passion is like a raging ocean. I’m simply just another person trying to heal and overcome the pain that life has thrown my way. One way I do this is by spilling my thoughts and feelings out on paper where my mind and heart always feel comfortable to open up.