Pre-Birth Agreements: 6 Fascinating Facts About How Souls Choose Their Parents And Families Before Birth


How Souls Choose Their Parents

Do you find it hard to believe that souls choose their parents before birth?
According to many ancient cultures of the world, including the Native American, African, Indian, Greece, and Tibet, souls choose their parents and families much before their conception happens on earth. But, how do we choose our parents? How do spirit babies choose their parents?

Pre-birth agreements are drawn when souls are connected at the Source and these agreements contain all the details of their future earthly incarnations, including specific parents, birth location, time, siblings, and more.

Sometimes it is the Soul that decides the details of the cosmic contract and sometimes a Higher Power intervenes while the fate of a soul is being decided. Nevertheless, every soul comes to know and has a perfectly good vision of the future life events it is going to experience on earth, even before it enters the womb of the mother.

How Do Souls Choose Their Parents And Families Before Birth?

This choosing of parents by the souls is a highly mystical phenomenon that relies heavily on the concept of reincarnation. Let’s discuss the various factors that influence this complex divine process of rebirth.

1. Soul Contract

Souls take multiple births and come in different human bodies for their earthly incarnations. Not only do souls choose their parents, but, when we are living at the Source as souls, we decide about our next life and that includes future life experiences, life lessons, and the people we will share our lives with. And soul contracts are drawn.

Sometimes these cosmic contracts are made by mutual agreement between us, the souls, and the Great Spirit aka the Source. But sometimes, when we have some karmic debts from our past lives, we are given little choice and are sent off to our next life to learn specific lessons required to settle the karmic balance.

2. Life Lessons

souls choose their parents
Pre-Birth Agreements: 6 Fascinating Facts About How Souls Choose Their Parents And Families Before Birth

But why a soul chooses its parents in its next life? Souls reincarnate on earth for one reason only and that is to learn lessons and evolve.

Parents and families are the foundation of our lives and they have a huge influence on how our life pans out, how we perceive ourselves and others, and how we make life choices. All these are nicely tied up with the life lessons we accrue during our stay on earth. Souls choose their parents because it is imperative for their mission on earth. 

3. Parent And Siblings

Are you on the fence about how children choose parents before birth? Don’t you think it makes more sense that you and your life are not a random result of gene combinations but everything that you endured, learned, and defied was part of a predetermined plan which you helped to design?

Based on the lessons they need to learn, souls choose their families. First, it is decided what life lessons a soul will experience in their next birth. Then parents and family members are chosen who will be most aligned with the soul’s purpose on earth.

They will help the soul’s journey in one way or another. As soon as the soul gets to know who will be its parents, it establishes a psychic connection with them, especially with the mother, and remains present around them in the form of energy, waiting to be conceived.

Souls also come to an agreement with other souls regarding who will be joining them as siblings and in which order they will be born in their chosen family.

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4. Time And Location

Life lessons are the only reason souls come to earth time and again. Sometimes, it becomes necessary for a soul to take birth in a specific region or community to learn the lessons needed for its growth. For instance, if a soul had hatred or bias regarding a particular race or religion in one of its incarnations, it will be fated to be born among the same community, just to grow understanding, love, compassion, and tolerance.

In such a case, specific parents become less important than the time and location of birth. Nonetheless, souls choose their parents and families before birth.

5. Soul Family

souls choose their parents and families.
Soul Choose Its Parents In Its Next Life

Do you know that we meet the same people in our every life? These souls that we encounter in each and every earthly interaction are members of our soul family. Soulmates or soul family members are those who have been very close and important to us in our human lives.

We might have known them as our parents, siblings, teachers, friends, or partners. We have been nurtured and enriched by their presence and thus we choose to meet them every time we come to earth. That being said, they too have to agree to meet us and be a part of our journey.

Sometimes souls choose their parents because they want to be born into their soul family. Souls also choose to swap their roles sometimes, meaning if a soul has been the daughter in one life, they can choose to become the mother in the next and the daughter of the previous life will become the mother in this life.

Souls do this to learn all kinds of relationship experiences but also to heal any trauma or wound in their relationship. They sometimes try to make a relationship work by getting at it from various angles.

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6. Free Will

One has to remember that just because our life is already planned before our birth, it doesn’t mean that we do not have any free will. As human beings, we are capable of deciding what’s good for our well-being and can decide to move away from any relationship that thwarts us in our quest to live our best life.

Do souls choose their parents? Yes, so that they learn lessons and sometimes these lessons include how to distance oneself from toxic relationships.

souls choose their parents and families.
Pre-Birth Agreements: 6 Fascinating Facts About How Souls Choose Their Parents And Families Before Birth

You Are Living According To A Divine Plan

Whenever the question – do babies choose their parents before they are born – pops up in your brain, remember that everything happens for a reason, even if you cannot understand it right away. Every pain and hardship that you experience on earth has been meticulously planned by the Source, for your betterment.

You too were a part of this great planning but can’t remember your time when you were existing as a soul. So, live your life according to your soul’s purpose, remain aligned with your higher self, and keep looking for your soul family.

One word of advice, don’t ignore the family you have been given. Even if your relationship with them is strained, don’t hold any grudges toward them. Remember that, any unresolved trauma will make you come back to the same people again and again until the relationship is healed.

That was all for the topic of how souls choose their families before birth. So, what do you think? Do we choose our parents before being born? Let us know by commenting down below.

How Souls Choose Their Parents and Families Before Birth
Souls Choose Their Parents And Families
How Souls Choose Their Parents and Families Before Birth
How Does A Soul Choose Parents
souls choose their parents
How Do Children Choose Their Parents
Souls Choose Parents Families Before Birth Pin
How Souls Choose Their Parents And Families Before Birth?
How Souls Choose Parents pin
Do Souls Choose Their Parents?
How Souls Choose Their Parents pin
Do Babies Choose Their Parents
souls choose their parents
Pre-Birth Agreements: 6 Fascinating Facts About How Souls Choose Their Parents And Families Before Birth

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    The above theory is based on re-incarnation and Karma. If the above makes sense and even a slightest bit of logic is there, then Christianity and Islam are completely false. I would like to hear from readers on my statement. Is my logic correct?

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