Soulmate Signs and Signals: 7 Identifying Signs Of A True Soulmate

 December 13, 2017

Soulmate Signs and Signals: 8 Identifying Signs Of A True Soulmate

Meeting them will trigger your wakening process .All the old habits, facades and insecurities that are holding you back, will come to the surface for being cleared and released.

This connection may make you discover new skills or talents that you didn’t know you had and they will be connected to fulfilling your life your life purpose.


5). You are both whole  

The myth of romantic love that we have been fed by fairytale movies that we are incomplete and need other person to complete us is not true for real soulmate relationships.

Soulmate relationships are strong spiritual connections and not based on codependency.

They happen between two individuals who are complete and whole on their own. They are powerful creators and know how to create the life they desire. They are not looking for someone else to stroke their ego or to complete them.

They both understand each of them is whole and there is nothing they need to do to change you.

They love you the way you are, they don’t find anything missing or broken in you to fix.


6). You’re on the same page where it counts

While on the surface you both may have different personalities, likes or interests. But you would be compatible on the things that are important like how you view life and world and what is your soul purpose.

They are in tune and in sync with each other.


7). You know in your gut

Last, but not the least. You will know in your gut when you meet your soulmate.

Your coming together will feel bigger than the two of you, like the universe is orchestrating your meeting.

The most important guide on this journey is your intuition and the wisdom of your heart.


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