14 Important Life Lessons You Learn When Your Soulmate Becomes Another Ex

Once we realise that the heartbreak has made feel worthless all the while, we bounce back and stop settling for anything that doesn’t meet our raised standard – be it a career option, a new relationship or our anticipated treatment from others; we understand we deserve nothing less than the best. 


6. You realize that there is no such thing as “The One”.

After making a fool out of ourselves by considering our partner as ‘the one’ we learn that the concept of ‘the one’ is vague and obsolete as is the love your ex said they felt for you!


7. You start enjoying everything that the world has to offer.

Everything might not go according to your whims but after the heartbreak you become more accepting of the uncertainty. 

You are more resilient now and equipped with survival techniques to face anything that comes your way. You actively start looking for positivity and searching for happiness in every mundane things in life.


8. You understand that there are a few roads that are not meant to be traveled again.

Out of the innumerable lessons you learnt through the heartbreak, you also learn that there are paths in our life that’s best avoided – especially the path of pain and destruction.


9. No matter how angry or sad you feel, you don’t stop believing in love.

Immediately after a heartbreak, you swear and promise yourself that love is non-existent and not your cup of tea, only to find yourself blushing to love quotes and fantasizing about your dream partner after a few weeks!

Love is the drug, we all go back to, again and again.


10. You start picking your battles wisely.

Battles are an inevitable part of living. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to fight all battles thrown at our way.


Truth is everybody is going to hurt you


11. Yes, you do love again.

Not necessary that a bad experience will be repeated. Hence, you do not lose faith on the healing powers of love.

You fall in love again but this time you are cautious and aware about every minute details of the relationship.


12.Gradually, you realize that you are going to be whole again.

Slowly with time, you heal yourself with your motivation.

The realization that nobody but ourselves can save us from a mess, settles on you.

The process of being whole again often takes a long time and patience. The ones who clings to hope and drags on will find light at the end of the difficult path, always.


13. With every passing day, you learn that life goes on and that there is a deeper calling for you.

Love, relationships, belonging, battles, separation, pain –  these are part and parcel of our life. 

But our life as human on earth has greater meaning and responsibility than just being occupied by the thoughts of a person who left us. With every passing day, you learn to implement yourself as an agent of change for the collective well-being of the society.


14. You make peace with yourself, knowing that love might be an inevitable force, but it definitely is not the strongest one.

Reaching transcendence and making peace with oneself are the ultimate goals we are seeking in life. A heartbreak teaches us that love is an inevitable part of our lives, but not the strongest power to recon with.

No matter how chaotic it might feel at times, you need to understand that this ending makes perfect sense. You have to tame this storm and let it inspire you.

Take all the anguish and grief that you are feeling and use it to make your life a work of art.


A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead.
― Graham Greene, The End of the Affair


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