What is Soul Sex? Know The Spiritual Aspect of Sex


Soul Sex: The Spiritual Aspect of Sex

Soul Sex: It is more than physical intimacy, it is the act of connecting with someone so deeply that you can look into their soul.

When a man enters your womb, what type of vibes and energy does he have?

Is he happy or is he bitter? Is he a positive thinker? Does he love himself and does he love you?

When a woman makes love to you, is she happy? Is she positive? Does she love herself and does she love you? Is she blessing you or cursing you?

What is Soul Sex? Know The Spiritual Aspect of Sex

Soul sex is more than pleasure

Soul Sex is a ritual where you exchange energies, emotions, thoughts, and consciousness. During sex, you’re one and it’s important that your vibes resonate. Each pump and thrust is an affirmation.

Is your partner refueling, healing, and recharging your spirit, or is draining the life out of you? Are they dragging you down to low-frequency energy, unfulfillment, and depression? Or elevating you into the higher frequency of love life and bliss?

Sex is powerful and you need to be mindful! Master how your energy is exchanged, received, and returned back to you. The pleasures are temporary but the ripples it casts last long.

Sex should be healing, powerful, and rejuvenating to every part of your being, from celluloid to your organs, to your mind, and your soul. The very thing that can give you a sense of satisfaction for a few minutes or for a long time if you do it right.

Soul sex is powerful, it is a therapeutic medicine when done right.

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Soulful union and spiritual sex

Wondering how soul sex leads to spiritual connection? During soul sex one focuses on the illumination of the soul rather than solely on physical sexual pleasure.

Such a soulful union is divine! This type of sex also called spiritual sex, where one feels boundless pure bliss, warmth, and ego loss, especially during orgasm. For more on sex and spirituality read 3 types of divine union.

Sexual energy is the bridge – a connection back to the Life force. There are volumes of research on – the physical, emotional, and mental benefits of healthy sex and how it promotes your spiritual growth.

When two musical instruments don’t resonate with each other’s beat the music is awful and so is the sex. Make its power flow in the right direction and it takes you uphill if otherwise, you fall for your own bad. Let the souls meet not just the body.

What is soul sex according to you? Let us know in the comments below.

Soul Sex: The Spiritual Aspect of Sex
Soul Sex: The Spiritual Aspect of Sex

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