Soul Searching by The Everyday Mum

Your a Mum at a point in your life you want to understand yourself and what it is you are doing.
Your a Wife at a point in your life you want to know your marriage is what you expected.
Your a Woman at a point in your life trying to figure out if you still got it.
Your a Person at a point in your life wondering if who you are means something.

We know everything and everyone has a purpose. We know that we have a place in this world and yet not always understanding the point of it all. Finding the right words finding the perfect path, believing that you and where you have been and going means something.
The journey we travel has a purpose a reason and we are just the pawn traveling within it. We have to have faith in the journey and yet we still question ourselves every step of the way.
We can not speak for the men who will read this, though I suspect in some way as a human being he will have something similar to say when they are soul searching.

The question is, what is the point of all this. We grow up, we find that magical someone (or try to), we get married, we hope to or do have children, we watch them grow, we let them go, and then we live our lives where we left off all those years ago.
We search for answers, We have those random thoughts and we question everything – how we grew up, how we chose to live as adults, how we raised our children, and how we see ourselves throughout all of this.

There is no definitive answer to any of this. We know that all of this is apart of the past and we can only review it through memories and photos and stories. We search for answers and wonder if we will ever find them and understand them. We wonder why and we question everything. The point is that we can only be as good as we choose to be. We have to want to be that perfect person that everyone thinks is amazing. But does it matter what other people think. We all try very hard to and the silly thing is Everyone else is thinking the same thing as you.
So why do we find ourselves Soul Search, what does it mean to you exactly and why is it so important to feel we are successful in what we do. What is so significant in knowing. If we spend time searching and trying to understand what it is we are looking for, we begin to loose sight of the most important piece of ourselves and that is Living. We are all guilty of it, We all spend a degree of our lives searching for something. One significant rite of passage is “The Midlife Crisis”. We all hear about it and we all dread that time in our life. The thing is we you consider the topic of Soul Searching, this is something that we do at every point and every life event. So when we think of the dreaded “Midlife Crisis” , is it really a midlife crisis or is it simply another life event of Soul Searching. We have to realize that this is simply apart of our human experience. Everything that we discover, face, learn, try and understand is all part of what we chose to experience before we were born to this life time. Our life is the soul search, when we really look at ourselves and all that we are and all that we have experienced in our life is the search for satisfaction and the ultimate feeling we have reaching fulfillment.

Whether we are a parent, husband, wife, man, woman, educator, carer, business man/woman, an achiever, student. It doesn’t matter what we are or who we are, We have a purpose we have something to contribute. And whether we are Soul Searching or living “The Midlife Crisis”, we are who we are nothing we look for is going to change who we are without understanding that where we are now is a direct result of where we have come.

I think I answered my own question when I started writing and I believe that as part of human nature we are inquisitive and we will always be searching for something. We also have to remember that this is part of life we don’t always have control of how it will turn out. If there is anything we can walk away from this is follow our journey with an open mind and trust that there is a reason for the path laid before us. Love Yourself fully and trust your own judgement and most of all believe in yourself.

With Blessings


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