Soul Searching: 19 Signs Of A Lost Soul and How To Uncover Your True Path

soul searching

However, there’s an in-between place: a limbo. This is the space where lost souls dwell.

In this limbo, this dance between the old dissolving and the new not-yet-coming-into-being is deeply felt.

One feels stuck, lost, empty, alone, and scared. There is the temptation to go back to old ways of being, but at the same time, there’s a profound sense of dissatisfaction with everything.

If you’re stuck in this limbo, you might experience the following symptoms:

  1. You feel constantly lethargic and fatigued
  2. You have no motivation and feel restless
  3. You feel alone
  4. You feel unhappy with your life
  5. You crave for something ‘more’
  6. You’ve become the outsider or black sheep of the family
  7. You’re frequently irritable and moody
    You’re undergoing a mid-life or quarter-life crisis
  8. You’re more prone to addictions
  9. You struggle with self-loathing
  10. You keep trying to numb the pain, but nothing works
  11. You feel fundamentally ‘broken’
  12. You struggle with existential depression and anxiety
  13. You feel like something is missing within you
  14. You’re bored and dissatisfied with others and life
  15. You feel stuck and stranded
  16. You struggle with feeling empty inside
  17. You don’t know who you are anymore
  18. You want to know what the point of everything is

Can you relate? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Welcome to the lost souls club. Motto: I can’t get no, satisfaction. 

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How To Do Some Soul Searching (7 Paths)

It’s because we feel separate from oneness that we begin to search, the search for completion, the search to come home.

– Jeff Foster

It’s easy to soul search in the modern secularized sense of the term. All we need to do is introspect a little and ask ourselves some pointed questions. Traveling is often touted as a great way to soul search for young, bright-eyed seekers.

But soul searching, in the spiritual sense of the term, is much harder. It’s more elusive, more slippery, more complex. Nevertheless, to my knowledge, it is the most worthy and important pursuit in existence.

What could be more vital than connecting with your innate, fundamental, spiritual Essence?

If you’re seeking to answer questions about mundane issues (like what job do I suit, should I get married, etc.) then perhaps the below recommendations won’t satisfy you.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to dive deep, learn how to find yourself and how to be true to yourself, and unite with your True Nature, keep reading:

1. Make friends with solitude

Solitude will be your greatest ally when it comes to soul searching. Be a lone wolfHow else can you listen to the whispers of your Soul in a chaotic, noisy world? The answer is that it’s extremely difficult unless you have undergone years of rigorous meditation training (which, mind you, most people haven’t).

So make regular time and space to spend with yourself away from others – no technology interruptions either (digital people are still people). Think about dedicating ten minutes to half an hour (or more) each day to an activity of your choice. You might choose something passive, such as meditation, or active, such as taking a stroll through the woods. Honor your level of energy and go with it. This is a simple but powerful way of learning how to find yourself.

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