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Soul Revival: 6 Ways To Discover Your Purpose In Life

Soul Revival: 6 Ways To Discover Your Purpose In Life


Sound is one of the most powerful ways to enter non-ordinary states of awareness. Luna prefers the singing bowl while I love the rawness of the didgeridoo.


When using forms of ceremony and ritual, we prepare our minds to follow patterns and repetitive tasks while also opening our awareness with gratitude that is grounded in the present moment.


There’s no greater way to connect back with the wild Soul than by returning to our most ancient roots.

Being immersed in nature and being completely present to the expansion of life and space which is around us, dilutes our egos into the vast ocean that is existence. In the company of nature, you have no name or story that reminds you of your created identity.

Do you know your zodiac sign speaks a lot about your purpose in life?

Read Your Core Purpose In Life Based On Your Zodiac Sign


For most people, the first taste we get of a non-ordinary state of consciousness, a moment when the friction between our ego and our Soul isn’t there, is during our first orgasm.

Have you ever had a Soul Revival experience? Did you become aware of the message that was shared with you? Let me know in the comments below.

Written by Mateo Sol
Originally appeared on LonerWolf

Soul Revival 6 Ways To Discover Your Purpose In Life
Soul Revival: 6 Ways To Discover Your Purpose In Life
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