Soul Retrieval: 3 Powerful Ways to Heal Soul Loss

Soul Retrieval: 3 Powerful Ways to Heal Soul Loss

Here are the basic ingredients for creating your own meditation/visualization Soul Retrieval journey:

1. Imagine yourself walking through a spring-like field into a dark cave.

2. The deeper you go into the cave, the deeper you find yourself descending into yourself.

3. Along the way, you see a light in the distance. You keep walking, and it keeps getting bigger.

4. Sometimes, during your cave walk, you find objects. These objects represent different parts of yourself. For example, you might find a box of matches that represents your rage, a broken doll that represents your inner child, and a paintbrush that represents your lost inner artist.

5. Collect all of these items in the bag you have with you. Don’t worry, the bag can hold everything, no matter how big or small, that you find. (Also, it’s not necessary to know precisely what each object represents. You can think about this afterward).

6. Eventually, you reach the light which consumes the whole tunnel. This white light is your Soul.

7. Take the objects in your bag and throw them, one by one, into the light. Each of these objects/parts of you will be immediately reintegrated once they dissolve within the light.

8. Once you have let go of the last object, breathe deeply, and feel yourself being revitalized by this newfound increased wholeness and inner harmony.

9. Once you’re reading, step into the light, breathe deeply, and allow it to radiate through your entire body, binding with your cells, your DNA, permeating through all parts of your being.

10. Then, open your eyes. Return to the room. Take a few minutes to reflect on what you’ve experienced. I encourage you to journal about what you’ve undergone.

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2. Work with your inner archetypes

Archetypes can be thought of as the types of energy that you carry within you: they all work together to form your character.

Common archetypes include the mother, the mentor, the bully, the lover, the warrior, the rescuer, the victim, the wounded child, and so on.

We all possess a colorful array of archetypes that possess both good and bad qualities. All archetypes, even the seemingly negative ones (such as the addict and the prostitute) have gifts to share with us. We need to embrace all of them to discover more wholeness; to remove the blockages that obscure our Souls.

There are many ways to uncover the buried archetypes within ourselves – as well as balance the ones we already possess. Some methods include pathworking with different archetypes (through visualization), journaling and dialoguing with your archetypes, and noticing how they manifest within your behavior.

Read our archetypes guide for more in-depth help.

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3. Entering altered states of consciousness

This is a powerful way to reconnect with your Soul and practice Soul Retrieval as it bypasses the defense mechanisms of the fragmented ego. However, I must warn you to go slowly and be cautious with this practice. It is possible to overwhelm yourself, so take care of yourself and be responsible.

There are numerous ways to enter trance states which I explore more in-depth in my article How to Induce a Trance State For Deep Psychospiritual Work. They include:

  • Breathwork
  • Mantra and prayer
  • Primal rhythms, beats, and sounds
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Visualization
  • Incense and essential oil
  • Physical and emotional catharsis
  • Plant medicine (such as legal psychedelics)

I recommend trying out one of these practices at a time and exposing yourself to small quantities. You can slowly increase through time and experience. (If you suffer from any form of psychosis, please consult your psychologist or social worker first.)

Most importantly, when entering an altered state of consciousness, you must have a clear objective. Remember that the purpose of it is to practice Soul Retrieval and orient your whole experience around that central purpose – that way, you’ll actually benefit without getting lost in the high of a strange state of being.

And, that’s it! Be gentle, go slow, record your progress, and see what happens. Remember that there’s always additional guidance out there if you need more support.

Soul Retrieval is only successful if the person who is healed consciously decides to use this newfound energy to cultivate healthy choices that support their wholeness. This is a two-way dance!

If you’ve done a lot of inner work, Soul Retrieval might come right at the end of your journey. On the other hand, Soul Retrieval might be the first step you take in order to rediscover your wholeness.

Regardless of where you are on the path, I hope this article has helped you to better understand this powerful practice.

Written by Mateo Sol
Originally appeared on LonerWolf

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Soul Retrieval: 3 Powerful Ways to Heal Soul Loss

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