Soul Hunt

Soul Hunt

In your life, there are going to be many accidents! Accidents as in meeting people. Yes! It can be called a sheer accident because you don’t know whom you shall meet when, and for what reasons, or maybe there is no reason.

Similarly, I met probably around thousands of people in my twenty-three years of life. Some as school friends, some as college friends, and some as hostel friends. No! The list doesn’t end here. This list of people includes the bus conductor, the auto/cab driver, the guards, the liftman, the shopkeepers, the metro ticket-counter man, and family. Yes, I mean, you can’t just keep them out of the list! Everyone plays an important role in your life, maybe a minute role, but they do.

However, in spite of meeting or being surrounded by so many people in your life, what matters the most is- How are you? What are you? Where are you? The ‘you’ should always matter the most to you.

The inner you defines ‘you’. All the growth in life, maybe social, economical, professional, or personal, is of no value if you don’t let your soul grow.  It’s very important to understand and identify what is best for your self-development, for enhancing the growth of your soul.

And here, by soul, I mean you as an individual. There might be things which people find absolutely weird, or maybe silly, but if it’s giving you happiness and is ethically and morally correct, it’s absolutely an amazing thing.

To survive in this world you need people around you, but for surviving with those people, you need to teach yourself,to survive with yourself.

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