Somewhere between the Old Me and New Me

Somewhere between the old me and new me I have lost the actual me.

20 thoughts on “Somewhere between the Old Me and New Me”

  1. The common idea is to go out of your comfort zone to recreate yourself. However, staying in this zone for far too long and not reaching your ideals for far too long simply makes one feel lost.
    Like A ship cannot sail indefinitely. If it’s lost, it is good to go back and start over.

  2. Old me.. new me.. actual me.. There is only ‘me’ in this very moment, so be patient, witness.. Fight for what you believe, but know that actions do not justify consequences, we are architects of our own actions and only we are responsible for them..

    1. Cathy Byrd Manning I’ve gone through many life changes. This one is different. And, it;s because of the the age…..middle age. It’s been an adjustment, to let go of a life time. 🙂

  3. you won’t discover the “real” you until you’ve past the age of 60. That’s when everything you thought was important diminishes and clarity returns to the vision of self.

    1. Awakening has nothing to do with age, whenever you start acknowledging the void within you, you start questioning everything you’ve been taught, you start losing interest in everything you once needed/wanted,you try hard to embrace the truth and then truth will unveil itself to you, that’s when you will find your ‘self’.

    2. “nothing to do with age”?? You must embark on the journey to discover the destination. That, by definition takes time. Mine took a long time while I was engaged in lots of distractions: therein the number 60. The number wasn’t meant as a standard for all. It was just my personal experience.

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