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Sometimes You Find Your Best Self In The Silence

Sometimes you find your best self in the silence. When there’s nothing to listen to except the sound of your heartbeat, something happens. You find the rthymn of your own thoughts and you stop being so afraid of where those thoughts go. You learn what keeps your hands busy and your mind engaged. We live in a world that insists that you are incomplete in some fundamental way if you aren’t constantly surrounded by other people. And if you only ever allow yourself to be alone when you feel lonely, you might start believing the lie. But if you let go of all your expectations for a happy life and simply live, I think you’ll find that being alone isn’t scary or sad at all. There is clarity in the silence. There is hope there too.


Cheryl Payne

I am a former journalist and a freelance blogger with over 7 years of professional experience. Being an introvert, my preferred topics include personality types and introversion.View Author posts