Sometimes we let someone else’s words take over our lives

Sometimes we let someone else's words take over our lives

Sometimes we let someone else’s words take over our lives. If someone tells us our shirt is ugly, some of us would never wear it again. If someone tells us our teeth are crooked. some of us would never smile fully again. If someone tell us the way we spoke was weird, some of us would never speak again. We’d change and we’d hide to please them. because we want to ๏ฌt in. But ๏ฌtting in is cliche and overrated. Be who you truly are, because that is originality. And originally will always work for you.

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  1. Avatar of Joanna Jothi Raj

    Listening to what someone says isn't being compromising, it's being open to change and self improvement. People make comments like that because that's the impression you've given off. I'm not substituting my true identity to please, but rather choosing the path of self-analysis through observations from fresh eyes. ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Avatar of Zeenia Falcon

    Jeff Hardman, i respect your opinion… you are entitled to say what you wanna say. just to remind you…that's why from the start i said:
    i'm saying this in modesty. i'm not proud of it, i don't like attention…

  3. Avatar of Jeff Hardman

    I have not seen your smile, but from the sound of it and only from what I have read here. You sound extremely conceited and you really don't give a Shit about anyone's opinion on here. You just needed a forum to talk about yourself. Not interested in blowing sunshine up someone's ass that blows enough up it themselves without help from anyone else. Keep smiling.

  4. Avatar of The Minds Journal

    That sure wasn't a good thing to do… Glad you understand this now. You seem like to be a lovely lady. Keep up your smile, if you feel good about yourself, others will see you the way you see Self

  5. Avatar of Jennifer Sebits

    That's the way I've always lived. That's why I've never been accepted by the majority. I'm just 100% okay with that, now. I actually admire that about myself even if it does happen to make me a lot of enemies. People rarely get me right, anyways. That's a more then just a little frustrating at times. It completely blows my mind how far off people can be with the conclusions they draw in regards to my behavior, quite frankly. In the long run none of that matters to me, however. I know what I'm all about and that's what matters in my life.

  6. Avatar of Zeenia Falcon

    @TMJ, Ok here's a situation then tell me what comes into your mind the best thing to do.
    Before i start…i'm saying this in modesty ok. i'm not proud of it cause i don't like attention but that's me…a person who smiles…
    i'm a smiley person sometimes get misunderstood when i smile
    (well, guess to the dirty negative mind).
    i get lots of complements from both gender & even strangers: Like i love your smile, your smile is so sweet, wow! what a beautiful smile, your smile makes my day & many more ….i aporeciate their comments but it makes me uncomfortable and awkward…why??? because some will then start liking and getting interested in me, stare at me every now and then …eeeewwww!!! so creepy.
    Now, my question, shall i continue smiling or not??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Avatar of Debra Pry

    I used to worry about people liking me or maybe I wouldn't fit in.. But as I go through life I realize, we all just want unconditional love and acceptance .. I am my authentic self .. I accept myself and that's enough…

  8. Avatar of Fabiana Zeitter

    We learn this as time passes by, sometimes later than we should…it is very important to explain it to our children as the world and people are turning more and more cruel and looks and possessions are getting more and more important….the cure for this is
    building and help them to build a strong self-esteem….

  9. Avatar of Anna Leah Moon

    My mom made a world for me made of words that hurt. I thought I belong there.. Words imprisoned me and words set me free..but until now the word ' beautiful' said to me still rings fake to my ears..

  10. Avatar of Sulekha Pande

    As a kid, I was constantly reminded of my specs, which lead to severe confidence issues, it only got better after I started wearing contacts, in retrospect, I feel it was a mean thing to do to a 6 year old.

  11. Avatar of Janice Knapp Poinset

    what is most disturbing is when someone you love treats you in this manner. and, you stay. you know it's hurtful, you think it's not right, but you stay because of love. you think they are having a bad day. you think it's just a mood. but, not really. it's very odd.

  12. Avatar of Syeda Neha

    This Is On My Mind Since Many Days..!! If I Should Change For The Ones Who Don't Like Me Or Should Remain The Same For Who Loves Me.Indeed,If You Roam Around Pleasing People,You Will Lose Yourself.Its Better 2 Have 1 Real Than Thousand Fake

  13. Avatar of Siddharth Khetan

    Lovely point you've shared there. A brain and a heart, there's already enough common things between you and the rest of the world. But the mind and soul is never the same. Their yours and only yours.

  14. Avatar of Drew King

    Stay true to who you are. You won't be happy trying to please others because it will never happen. Someone will always find fault in youto make themselves look better.

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