Sometimes Being Too Kind Is What Gets You Hurt

Sometimes being too kind

Sometimes being too kind is what gets you hurt.

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7 thoughts on “Sometimes Being Too Kind Is What Gets You Hurt”

  1. First and foremost, be kind to yourself. Kindness to others is just another way of trying to fill a void within our own self. Once we are kind to ourselves, love and respect ourselves and become our own true friend, only then are we capable of true universal loving kindness as taught in Buddhism and other spiritualities.

    This empty and unintelligible kindness spoken of in this picture is either a businessman type of kindness (a transaction where you expect something in return), or the kindness of an uninsightful mind and a heart that is in constant suffering; the type of kindness that is going to hurt either ourselves or the other person.

    Therefore, in summary, it is ok to be kind to others but only as much as you are to your self. A harmony in all things is required.

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