Something you want to share…

Something you want to share...

If I gave you a piece of paper, to write something on it., Something you want to share. What would that be ?

282 thoughts on “Something you want to share…”

  1. Just want to live and feel the life and appreciate each and every feeling good/bad, fake/real before it’s gone.

  2. I would write of all the pain than my mother left on me the day she passed away wen i was 8 and now im 16 and yet it feels like im 38:…I'm tired if always crying of always hurting over u . i wonder why God took u since he has so many angels……I'm so sad that u wont be able to be with me experience my first heart break,my first born ,my husband, my pregnancy and lastly u wont be at my wedding……

  3. with all I have been through the last year I have learned to stand up for myself greatly. The ones I stand up to though hate that I am and try to act like I am all wrong and that they never did anything wrong at all. I can no longer be that old person for others, because it was that old self that got hurt way too many times and used and walked all over on. R, your hurtful actions and words all the time that made me always second guess myself because you made me to feel like being sad about my son was wrong, it was never wrong, but right and valid. I realize that you are the one who has a hard time with the fact that I am out there and have all these valid feelings that will never die.

  4. I've been struggling with writer's block for the past 4 months. Just recently in the past month I've been able to write a sentence or two here and there. It's killing me because I can feel my creativity trying to get out

  5. I am really touched Hatice, I really hope you find your strength within. I have felt like this myself, so many times. Looking for that hand to hold me. The sad part was, when I needed it, found that I am needed again. Never a rest. But yes, I am through it now. Has been this way.. Hope it will be, and really pray it will be for you too. Loads of love <3

  6. What would I write? The one thing I have never, ever expressed and desperately wish I could. Instead I stay quiet in the hope that someone will figure it out.
    – I'm tired of rescuing everyone around me. I'm exhausted trying to sort out their problems. It's draining being strong for those around me while my energy is being depleted. I'd like someone to 'rescue' me for once.

  7. Karmanye vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana,
    Ma Karma phalahe turbhur ma Te Sangostv akarmani…
    Bagavad Gita chapter 2 verse 47
    The meaning of the verse is—
    You have the right to work onlybut never to its fruits.
    Let not the fruits of action be your motive, nor let your attachment be to inaction.

  8. Help other people and be greatful for what you have. One day you will not have and your impact on the world will be how you remain. Live for others but treat yourself well.

  9. In order to get the most out of life 'get rid' of anything/anyone that drains you emotionally. Anyone that brings you down and makes you feel unworthy. Surround yourselves with genuine, caring and uplifting people who you k ow without a doubt would be there when you needed them to be. Anything/one else is just a drain on your mental health. Smile and be kind….it's infectious.

  10. "i would write… Believe it or not, you're one of those few people that created an impact in my life… And that I wab you belly muts!" πŸ™‚ #shytongue

  11. If you salute your work you dont need to salute anyone or anything but if you spoil your work, you have to salute everybody and anything.
    -Dr Apg Kalam (late ex president of India)

    So invest in yourself first and help others.

  12. I have written it at the back of the paper and no one needs to know it because I beleive it is too much for you and it is only me knows what I really feel. But with the help of God and prayetsbi know I can survive the struggle of life.

  13. Jesus is risen, alive, in the purest form of love. He accepts all who calls on Him, He is the servant King, humble, kind & always ready to give you wings… to help you become the person you were born to be; a human Angel…

  14. As an almost seven year cancer survivor, I an tired of the cookie cutter lifestyle! I am writing my show about mu book Make Mine A Double, A Mastectomy That Is and taking it on the road! #finallyfeelingexcitedinlife

  15. Sometimes life will get annoying, and it will stay so for wayy lomger than you expected, but hey, a smooth sea never made a good sailor. Keep on fighting and before you realise, you'll see you've crossed the ocean and smile at life once again

  16. A lot of..well, everything, in the world, revolves around love. What we do, what we think, how we act, and where we go is all a direct factor of love- either given or lack-there-of.
    Because it is So Profound and has such a massive impact in everyday life (Not just relationships/family etc, but Everything) you Have to Try loving yourself.
    Everything about yourself. Every dark thought, every flab of skin or scar; love it. Love you, because you're going to be there for yourself through your entire life…
    Fall in love with yourself when you're ready

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  18. I'd write "Love wholeheartedly, give generously, work passionately, talk kindly, advice humbly, help compassionately, think deeply, feel empathetically, hug warmly and defend honorably." ~ Yaquine Al-Haq Ahmad Sikander.

  19. REMINDER FOR ALL- This world including your family and friends, your life with its high tids and low ebbs…even you along with your beliefs, ideas and emotions…ARE SUBJECT TO UNIVERSAL LAW OF CHANGE of form and existence, regardless of how much attached or assured you are! Nothing is exempted from this EXCEPT the eternal bond between you and the Divine Power!!

  20. It's not really what you have in life that counts, it's what you do with what you have… It's the memories you make and the people you share it with.. Life will always be full of ups and downs and sometimes it's about challenge in defeat, but once you get through the fire you will see everything in a different light <3

  21. Hello,

    I dont know you but i love you.

    You are beautiful. both inside and out.

    I know its hard sometimes, I promise you are stronger!

  22. Dont take a loved one for granted. When asked to sit and have a cup of coffee, sit and have that cup of coffee. Ask the questions that at time seem silly, but deep down you really want to know. Tell them you love them, and tell them again. Study their face, and put to memory the laugh that could still even after not hearing it for seven years, if you hear it in a crowd of people it would stop you in your tracks with a pain so new it would seem like you lost her yesterday. Cherish the most important people in your life. Let them know that they are special to you. Sit and have coffee together.

  23. I thank the Lord above for all the blessings He has given me…and that includes you- my best/oreo.
    Wishing you(best/oreo) all the best that life can offer…May you find someone with a beautiful heart, who will accept your imperfections and love you unconditionally, more than the way i love you. I wish you lots of happiness and success in life. Again, thank you for everything. May God continously bless your life.

  24. The workload has been so much on me….. I'm like crushed under it. I need to work so I can put a smile on someone's face and also to fulfil my dreams. Plus I'm all confused with my life…. this confusion doesn't end ….

  25. We all have a different meaning of life even if many may be similar. Our journeys are different as well yet they intersect, but we all should be seeking the same destination … a successful existence as persons.

  26. I'm disappointed in myself and what I allowed to happen, and now I'm emotionally beating myself up over it because I can't process my emotions in an adult manner

  27. My deepest thoughts; the things I only keep within myself. Maybe that'll be the time that I need to let it all out! Haha (though a sheet of paper wouldn't be enough) πŸ˜€

  28. I'd like to share that invalidation is one of the biggest factors in the development of my illness. It also perpetuates the progression of my illness and if it doesn't let up, it will probably be one of the nails in my coffin. If you don't know what it means, look it up. If you don't care what it means than don't fool yourself. You are probably sicker than I am. There is a reason, not an excuse, but a cause for everything that happens or doesn't happen in this world. Truth is not about blame, shame or guilt. It is about realization, learning and understanding. This is just to whom may concern from any of us who experience this. πŸ˜‰

  29. To every young girl, stop chasing boys the right one will come along when your ready.
    Forget body comparisons, you are more beautiful in the skin you were born in than you are covered in wads of make up.
    You don't need a gigantic group of friends to be cool- real true friends will be by your side at your best and your worst.
    Always smile, it is your best asset.

  30. Dear diary, i hope you take my words softly, i trust you more than a person, today i realize how lost i am, because i always put everyone else before me, i dont know how to deal with that. I know this mask wont fall off in a long time but im happy with that; because at the end, i discovered that my happiness comes from making everybody around me happy. I need someone who thinks like that… thanks for hearing diary. -Gone

  31. a gush of tears
    an empty room
    waiting to be solaced
    from cosy heart
    as the dream lays
    in a broken field
    showing a feeble smile
    to the whole world….
    (written few months ago πŸ™‚ )

  32. The beauty of life is not depend on how happy you are, but on how happy others can be because of you. .. always try to be so happy because life is so very short so live with love, honesty and faith, positivity and so always be truthful and true to yourself. . . Best regards. .. <3 <3 πŸ™‚ (y)

  33. I've gone through the same problems the people close to us can't deal with their own problems so they try to control us and tell us how to live. These days I just love living my life the way I know I need to and the hell with the people that can't handle it.

  34. When you begin to live life the way you know you need to live it you will find out a lot about your friends and family. And now I'll say it another way when you begin to deal with your stuff and do the inner work which you are responsible for not only to yourself but also to your love ones it can threaten them close to you if they themselves have not done the proper work themselves. As you begin to rise above the disfunction around you they will try to make you out to be the bad guy I know this to be true after more than a year of professional psychotherapy of learning to love trust respect myself and making good choices for first time in life. Oh and now standing up finally in my life for what I believe they say I will never change and I'm still the problem at this point now I just sit back now and know who I am and laugh under my breath at them.

  35. I have this long fight with hope. It did help me out of my bad times as the light from the lighthouse, but brought me nowhere.
    Had I accepted and given up on hope, I would have saved a lot of time

  36. My world if surrounded by so many people. Each and every one with different thoughts and fears. Still,I fee like I don't belong here. I feel like I'm from outer space. My views and sense of life is much different than others.

    1. Your views make sense to you. Dont they?
      How does it matter if no one can relate. πŸ™‚
      Keep your mind open to everything too. Its good to see things from all angles.
      I felt the same. Not that I cudnt relate to everyone.. But I could to a far distant group. Remember you are not alone, you always have You

    2. Thank you! I am sure I'm not alone . I just believe people should improved the way they live life and stop criticizing others just because they sin differently. We need to respect our fellow men in general.

  37. That people who are narrow minded regarding mental health could live in our head and see the daily battle we have…not that they would last 2 minutes.and karma could speed up a little

  38. while I know this was my decision R, I did not sign up for you to constantly berate me because of my grief over my loss and constantly tell me it is wrong and not right, I finally realized why you spoke to me about my grief the way you did, because you did not like the way it made you feel, so in turn you had to keep making me feel like my feelings were wrong and not right. I realize now, you were wrong and you are the weak person and despite my grief I still carry I am way stronger than you ever will be. I will still be here not going anywhere, someday you will have to face me and all the emotions that come with our situation. Hope by that time you have grown up some.

  39. You are beautiful, but not like those girls in the magazines. You are beautiful for the way you think. You are beautiful, for the sparkle in your eyes when you talked about something you loved. You are beautiful for your ability to make other people smile, even if you are sad. No, you aren't beautiful for something as temporary as your looks. You are Beautiful, deep down to your soul. You are beautiful !!!!….

  40. A few things I have Realized these past couple of years and continue to realize Everyday:
    1. Negative people Will Always blame you!
    2. For Everything!
    3. Their Unhappiness, Their Suffering, Their Inability To See How Their Own Actions Helped Cause The Loss…EVERYTHING!!!
    4. It's ALWAYS going to be your fault! Whether you decided to make the difficult and sometimes devastating decision to cut ties and cause the loss, or Even if they Actually decided to cause the loss, IT WILL STILL BE YOUR FAULT!!!!
    Remember I said, it's ALWAYS your fault!!! Go figure!
    5. They will continue to try and feed you their negative poison as if your life depends on it. Then, just when you think you have rid your soul of it All, they will appear out of nowhere with a buffet of shit they have been stewing over on why it’s Still All Your Fault! Get where I'm going with this?! If not, please re-review 1, 2, 3 & 4!!!

    A few things I have Chosen to Actually Believe instead these past couple of years:
    1. Although those Negative people blame you, YOU do not have to blame yourself. Any kind of relationship takes Work! From All parties involved. Period! In the end, if All the work did Not work, it does not have to mean it is a loss. It can simply mean it is just the end of the chapter.
    2. When they continue to blame you for Everything, Realize this: You are being blamed for All the Blood, Sweat, Tears & Heart that you Gave Freely. For the Strength and Perseverance you had to continue to fight the endless battle. For being there when No one else was. For Choosing to Love them more than yourself! Even if that meant losing All of yourself, in order to help them find themselves.
    That! Is Actually EVERYTHING You are being blamed for!
    3. You see, You Always have the choice to either be consumed by their negativity of its “All your fault” or You can realize that Their Unhappiness, Their Suffering, is All due to Their inabilities to Actually Acknowledge Their lack of commitment to the relationship to begin with. So Give yourself permission to fill your soul with compassion for them instead of Their Animosity for you…..
    4. But Still, It Will Always be your fault! Not because it really is All your fault. Not because you left or because they left you. Simply because, Their Suffering Was Just No Match For The STRENGTH & LOVE You Posses Within<3 You are blamed for Their realization of being Weak!
    5. No matter how full you are from all the shit your being served, it’s going to continue to be a 24 hour All you can eat buffet, until You decide to turn the “Open” for business sign Off!
    You will have to Constantly remind yourself, the only reason negative people continue to shovel shit down your throat, is because your standing there with your mouth wide open! They will Always bring the spoon to your mouth, but it’s Always Your choice to knock that shit out of Their hand!
    Yes some days you will give in and Allow the poison Apple to touch your tongue….Get where I’m going with this?! If not, please re-review 1, 2, 3 & 4!!!! It Will Always Be Your Choice!! So Again, remind yourself to Pass that shit up as if Your Life Depends on it! Because in the end, It Does!

    Breath……Because Sometimes When You Lose, You Win!

    1. Then never let the memories fade. Just remember, you have a choice on what memories you hold on to, and which ones you can let go…
      Feeling loss is enivitable, yes, but allowing the regret of offering your heart to consume you, well, now that’s the real loss…

    2. This is what I have been going through too. Toxic people around. They bring u down with every act. Blame you for their suffering. Find the flaws with your living.
      Used to bring me down. And I questioned myself, when I am feeling good within, how can someone question my happiness. My Life, my living.
      These people are often close, very close ones indeed. I chose to be kind to them. To their sufferring. The problem is within them. They are being tried by life. Not awaken in a way. Absorbing what they have to say – no way!!

    3. True for sure, but deep down feel regrets because once we offer someone place in heart. Regardless what they do, memory never fade & feel loss for them. ☺

    4. Then never let the memories fade. Just remember, you have a choice on what memories you hold on to, and which ones you can let go…
      Feeling loss is enivitable, yes, but allowing the regret of offering your heart to consume you, well, now that's the real loss…

  41. I want to share some of my feelings that are fighting with my thoughts,is this life even real how can this world be so curl and the battles never ends,why people dont live the way they want and try to find the happiness they need,peace,I want to be happy with who they are and stop hidding themselves,as this kills me ,it kills me as I am hidding myself,bc im afraid to show real me as all will be taken as a weakness….

    1. This is real.!! This is how it all ends. !! Haters are all over the place.!! Everyone wants to criticise on every single thing the other do. So how can we expect peace.! Some are fighting for their country or others for religion. I dont understand one thing. If you're not happy in your own life then why you want other people to become like you think like you do.!!

    2. P.S: dont ever hide your self.!! Thats a reflex that people gonna take as your weakness!! And they know very well how to manipulate your weaknesses. But if you dont you yourself gonna feel light and happy and thats a key of survival.

  42. Love is the emblem of eternity. It confounds all notion of time, effaces all memory of a beginning, and erradicates all fear of an end….

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