Someone who goes out of their way

Someone who goes out of their way

You need someone who goes out of their way to make it obvious that they want you in their life.

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  1. I got it! Little things never go un notion, actually I see a baby steps, forward, he really cares , we all mess up! Never stops one from caring and loving someone beyond looks! Cuz in any relationship for sure if ordain by God,the worse things happen, because Satan trying every thing to destorydf bur every Time god rises us back better than before, and bolder and closer.

  2. When you have a mutual caring/love for one another, I think you automatically do things out of the norm. I spend as much time as possible with my bf and he lives 2 hours away. We stay connected through technology, but make a point to see one another at least on the weekends. I let him know he is on my mind throughout the day, as he should be.

  3. I have go out of MY way because i want people in my life, but nobody does it for me, so its draining my energy, making me sad or even go into depression, now i am decided not to do that for anyone anymore until i get Up again, hopeful that someone will want me in their life, not because i do that, because they simple want that.

  4. You shouldn't need someone to go out of their way to show you they want you, becuase it isn't sustainable forever, it's not fair, and can't always be one-sided. But if you are with someone who isn't willing to do that when necessary, or you aren't willing to do it when necessary, then you don't really have a relationship either. I think the danger is when you start expecting this behaviour on your terms and conditions.

  5. For a moment, you may feel happy to see someone going out of their way to 'keep' you in their lives, which you mistook it to be a fairy-tale moment. You think they 'want' you in their lives. No, you're wrong. It's not wanting, rather it's their strong need and needs arise from insecurities. Surely, you don't want to end up with someone who can get manipulative enough to cage you and deprive you of your strong sense of individuality.

  6. It is exclusively personal philosophy of life. How you are taking the matter. One may extend minimal cooperation with someone to grow out of compassion or out of joy or love ( may be infachuation) . In India we share seats of 3 with 4 in public vehicle . It is just because of our flexible nature or approach or mind set to cooperate other. We don't try to evaluate how much other person actually gaining or growing. So long we have the opportunity to extend our support to bloom other, we should continue to do the same.

  7. Life is a Bitch, I learnt that Nobody Cares for anyone but themselves., so its not worth it going out all the way for anyone but you… Do what makes you Happy, if a Person don't want you in their lives leave he or she will come comeback after he or she has had all the thrill he or she wants in Life…

  8. A Mistake increases your experience & experience decreases your mistakes.
    You learn from your mistakes then others learn from your success.

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