Someday, someone is going to make a big deal over you.


They’re going to wake up every morning, grab you oh so tight, and smile with their entire heart because you were the first thing they saw when they opened their eyes.

They’re going to bust through the door at the end of a long day and kiss you as if they had lost a thousand yesterdays and tomorrow’s existence is questionable.

They’re going to remember all the little things that make your heart happy and your face smile, even if they think it’s silly or insignificant because seeing your heart happy and your face smile makes them really, really happy.

They’re going to scoop you up in their arms and make you feel safe and comforted when they see you shed a tear, because seeing you hurt, for any reason, will utterly break their heart.

They’re going to make sure they are never the source of your pain, only the source of your pleasure.

They’re going to listen to you… your stories, your dreams, your hopes, your fears, because intimacy comes in lots of different forms.

They’re going to catch you and lift you up when you fall.

They’re going to make you laugh so hard you snort.  

They’re going to celebrate every single one of your special days as if it’s the best day ever, because it is the best, day, ever.

They’re going to always put you first, before work, before friends, before social activities, for you are their life and you give them purpose.

They’re going to work very hard to be a better person because of you.

They’re going to make sure you never question their love for you, because to them, you are their unicorn.

Don’t be scared…

They’re going to make you happy.


Yeah, someone’s going to make a big deal over you.




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