Someday You’ll be just a Memory

Someday You'll be just a Memory

“…and again as I was getting slow down while waiting and waiting and waiting for the results to be declared, I bucked up myself with a spirit to go beyond the expectations. “You will get what you deserve!” So why waste time waiting in sadness?”

Instead, make the moments count. Live the life, not as an introvert but like an individual ready to mingle with anything that faces the time, make the most of your time and make memories.

Don’t wait for the call, make the call.

Don’t wait for the result, make another attempt.

Don’t wait for others to get closer, go approach them.

Don’t wait for the announcement, create the appearance.

Don’t wait for the indications, create the signs.

Don’t wait for the sadness to fade, fade it away.

Don’t wait for the money to cash-in, encash the money.

Don’t wait for the cab to reach, drive to the destination.

Don’t wait for the treadmill to get free, walk.

Don’t wait for the moments to come, make memories.
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– Vivek Toshniwal
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