Some Epochal Vedic period Discoveries – you may not be aware of

Kudos to the Ayurvedic Scientists of Vedic period who could have discovered the technique of generating nanoparticles of not only gold and silver even the nanoparticles of ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamond in the form of what are known as Bhasmas (Ayurvedic Ashes) besides Bhasmas of pearls and shells of the sea animals in their own way even when they could not have used any muffle kilns to incinerate such things.

All they could have used to bake these things were just humble cow-dung cakes they probably used to cook their food – nothing else.

But they knew that even very critical immunity disorders, neurological disorders, urological disorders, metabolic disorders and cancer could be cured by administering drugs prepared from such Bhasmas besides rheumatoid arthritis and bone marrow depression [1].

Though it has been recently discovered that cancer tumours can be dissolved by exposing them to the nanoparticles of gold there is every chance – we may discover that the recovery may be even faster if we exposed the cancer tumours to the nanoparticles of diamond instead of the nanoparticles of gold since they (Ayurvedacharyas) had discovered that cancer could be cured through the Bhasma of diamond.  

They are known to have been using even Bhasmas of iron, lead and zinc for treating some of the ailments.

Well, as if – that was not enough.

They went a step farther by discovering even herbal drugs that could convert a female foetus into a male foetus by administering such drugs as are known as Herbal Sex Selection Drugs (HSSD) in Ayurveda, to a pregnant woman between sixth to the twelfth week of gestation.

Though the sale of these drugs has been banned in India, it would be better if such ban is not imposed on the couples who may be having a female child but would not mind having one more child if they knew for sure it was going to be only a male child – not a female child.

The epochal discovery of HSS drugs

Though medical scientists have been very sceptical about the possibility of ensuring that even if, in normal course, a woman would have delivered a female child she would deliver a male child if she just took a decoction prepared by boiling the herbs Aparmarga (Achyranthus aspara), Shahachara (Berlaria prionitis), Jeevaka and Rishambhara in cow’s milk during the second month of gestation during the period when the star (nakshatra) “Pushya”, is visible in the sky as mentioned in Charak Samhita [2] or by swallowing balls of a drug prepared from the herbs known as Shivalingi and Manjuphal on a full-moon night within third month of gestation, facing the moon – as are swallowed in certain pockets of North India, even today.

What strikes me the most about this discovery is not just to have discovered that even the position of the stars plays a role in the effectiveness of the Ayurvedic medicines – but to have also discovered which star, in particular, gives the best results.

You may be wondering how any position of a particular star may play any such role.

The most interesting part of such discoveries is to have identified – visibility of which star, in particular, should be the most effective star for any particular malady even during the days when they could not have developed techniques such as CT Scan, Cystography or any of other imaging techniques, now – in vogue.

True – “Pushya” star, by itself, may not be playing any direct role in changing the sex of the foetus as much as the relative position of the earth in respect of all the celestial bodies when this star may be visible in the sky may be playing on the effect of any particular combination of the herbs – cited above.       

Does it not surprise you how they should have been able to have developed drugs to masculinise a female foetus even though they did not have any facility such as ultrasonography to check how the conversion of the foetus actually progressed?

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