Ecstasy Of Solitude

Ecstasy Of Solitude

When my voice unheard, my heart untouched,my visions unseen,my mind unrealized, my choices repudiated,my dreams devastated, my consciousness zonked out.

The desire to be alive stimulated my endurance though the pain unrevealed, fright unvaried,trauma perpetuated..yet the hope is alive.

When i was abandoned solitary became my companion.

When no one was there to empathize. I sympathized myself.

Solitude edified me many things epochal is how to be resilient.

Scrutinizing solidarity takes u to the authentic eternity you and how to be unfuckwithable and you resiliate with more potential, gratitude and acceptance.

Solidarity camouflages divinity of yourselves, solitude untangle, unshackle you and helps to survive this worldly minded world with anthropocentricity.

Solitude doesn’t mean flee from the world but to find yourselves verity of who you are.

Once you find yourself you find you are eternal humane is eternal,everyone everything is eternal and you find every human sole is potentially divine, you become magnanimous, benevolent, sagacious and all your malicious desires wipes out..

Find yourself to find out the world.

Don’t try to allure others allure yourself.

-By Bhavya

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