Sociopaths Hate Us – When We See What They Are

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21 comments on “Sociopaths Hate Us – When We See What They Are

  1. It sounds like Mr. Jones is quite upset about being exposed. Sociopaths, when stressed, always expose themselves by their extreme and inappropriate behavior. Lacking empathy, they typically have to mimic normal behavior, as it doesn’t come naturally to them. When they are stressed, they don’t mimic normal behavior quite so well, and cracks in their facade become visible. That’s when we can best recognize them. I suggest that’s what we are seeing from Mr. Jones.

  2. You sound like the type of person who believes that Quantum Mechanics is ‘proof’ of magic and mysticism.

    (Hint: It’s not). This crap has been debunked too many times to count.

  3. I can’t believe I just spent 20 minutes ranting about this.

    I JUST noticed the section on this page where it provides other articles written by the same author.

    My god. This is insanity at its finest.

    You’re talking about chakras, lightworkers, and indigo children.

    It all makes sense now. Didn’t realize I was on a site about magic and mysticism (bullshit).

    You literally are loopy!

  4. When mentally sane people are cheated on, they move on with life and find a new partner.

    They don’t resort to personal attacks on childish sites like badboyreport.

    When I first heard of this, I was under the impression only high school kids used it. Boy, was I ever wrong. You are a grown damn woman.

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