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14 Handy Social Skills That’ll Make You More Likable Instantly


1. Make an unforgettable first impression

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Whether you are meeting someone for the very first time or meeting an old acquaintance for a new proposal, you cannot downplay the importance of making a great first impression. It not only sets a positive image of yours in front of the other person but also increases the chances of them viewing you in favourable light throughout their entire life henceforth.

Like the saying goes, first impression is the last impression, seize the opportunity to make complete use of it.

Making a first impression boils down to keeping a few key factors in mind:

  • Open and inviting body language. Open body language ensures that you are approachable, jovial and amiable. When people feel comfortable and relaxed around you, they would automatically feel more connected with you. But it is for you to keep in mind that you should not cross other people’s personal boundaries to establish your openness.
  • Warm smile – A genuine smile which is accepting and welcoming of others. Avoid overdoing it. A feigned smile is a no-no.
  • Eye contact – Eye contact that reflects confidence and empathy, accompanied by a warm smile is one of the most powerful tools to catch other’s attention and keep them engaged. Avoid piercing eye-contacts that comes off as a sign of dominance and control.
  • Soft and toned down voice – Along with a composed and elegant demeanour, the way you talk, you voice pitch, volume and frequency is equally important. A voice which is audible yet soft, coherent yet stark, will create a very strong image of your personality. A voice which is harsh, too shrill and high pitched will not have the same effect on others.
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2. Focus on your external appearance 

This is another quintessential part of making a good impression on others. Judging someone on his or her outward appearance might seem shallow but that is what we are subconsciously wired to do.

Others do judge you on the way you physically look and present yourself through your attire. This does not mean you have to try too hard to look attractive. Focus on the basics – keep yourself well groomed, maintain personal hygiene, wear clean and well pressed clothes, align your dressing style with occasions and don’t forget to spray on some exotic perfume.

Keep your clothing simple, neat and practical.

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3. Radiate inviting and positive vibes

Do people complain a lot about you being unapproachable? If people find it a challenge to reach out to you without being in dilemma, your problem lies here. Some key attributes that make a person approachable are modesty, friendliness, authenticity, genuineness, and acceptance among others.

People will only be able to open up to you and willing to know you at a deeper level when you seem positive, easy, supportive, understanding and upbeat with them. This way, your positive vibes will resonate with other people’s positive energy to create a sense of connection.


4. Give attention to your posters and gestures

Did you think social interactions is all vocal? If you did, you are mistaken. It’s a lot, actually, it’s mostly about your postures.

Randall tells business Insider that bad body postures will make you appear unapproachable and apathetic, keeping people away from you.

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy says that sitting or standing with an open posture, with legs apart and arms open and loose, body slightly leaning forward is an effective way to trigger changes in body chemistry that portrays your confidence and competence. This fact is also forwarded by Halvorson.

On the contrary, crossing your arms or legs while conversing exudes an air of defensiveness and rigidity. This will only repel people in social contexts.


5. Be original

Originality earns respect and admiration more than anything else. When people can see a reflection of themselves in you, relate to you, your words, emotions and thoughts, you appear more like them and they vibe at greater wavelength with you.

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