Social Media and Its Ill Effects On Modern Relationships

Social Media Effects Modern Relationships

There will be instances when one of the partners will converse socially with their ex and the other partner “has to be okay with it. It’s just messages, you know”. This is not something pleasant and the fact that it’s a daily occurrence doesn’t make it any less bitter.

Moreover, alcohol also makes things worse. It’s a sad world where “drunk texting” is a thing.

4) The Constant Surveillance And the Paranoia.

The fact that you can see when your partner was “last seen (online)” can drive you nuts and rid you of sleep.

Especially if he/she has cheated on you before. Trust broken is everything shattered because it is trusted after all on which a successful relationship is built.

And yes, time might or might not heal things, but the fact that such information is just a click of a button away can kill sleep and faith in romance itself.

5) Jealousy.

Everything that is public, and transparent can have an exacerbating effect on relationships. Seeing a picture of your partner with someone else can lead to a million stray thoughts and assumptions.

Also, social media offers a plethora of distractions: for example, richer couples posting about their dates to expensive restaurants.

These are the things that make people insecure and jealous instead of being glad about what they do have. Moreover, in the quest to maintain a “cool” social image, things tend to get sour way more easily than you think.

For example, Numerous check-ins with numerous friends while bailing on chances to meet your partner because “I am busy, maybe next week” can be some of the most painful experiences one can endure. And if your partner doesn’t realize this is hurtful, then “Run Forrest run!”

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The Pros

Well again, like anything else really, even social media can have a positive effect on some relationships. Actually, it all depends on one’s intentions.

Like, users have been known to have their moods uplifted by a simple text message they received from their partners early in the morning.

If your relationship is strong and you are strong people individually, social media won’t be able to get in the way that much, it all depends on how much you love each other in the end, and what are your priorities in life.

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Social Media and Its Ill Effects On The Modern Romantic Relationships
Social Media Effects Modern Relationships Pin
Social Media and Its Ill Effects On Modern Relationships
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